November 2, 2015

How To Be A Cupcake: Halloween Costume DIY

You may not believe it, but before this blog was born I didn't touch hot glue guns or try crafting anything. Actually I just updated my "About Me" page recently because it stated that "you won't find me attempting to recreate anything from Pinterest".  I now find crafts to be soothing and my favorite posts are usually my DIY projects. It's crazy how things can change in a year.

I love cupcakes. They make me happy. They are a little slice of heaven adorned with sprinkles and pretty colored icing and they can bring a smile to almost anyone's face. I wanted to be a cupcake for Halloween this year, and this is how I did it.

You will need:

Plastic robe tub 
3 pieces posterboard
1 bag of polyfill
2 yards of white tulle
Mini pom pom's
Thick ribbon
Green and red or pink pipe cleaners
Bobby pins
Hot glue gun

To make yourself into a cupcake:

Cut off the bottom of the plastic robe tub.

Measure the posterboard from under the lip of the tub to just below the bottom of the tub. Cut all 3 pieces of the posterboard to fit. 

Next, fold all 3 pieces the posterboard back and forth accordion style. 

Open each individually and one at a time glue them on to the tub. 
This part is tricky because you need a good amount of glue, and it dries fast. I suggest putting glue at the top of the posterboard and down a few of the creases and then attaching it to the tub.

From there, I held the areas of the posterboard up from the tub and put glue on it to finish attaching it. 

I read a few things that said I would need 6-10 pieces of posterboard but this was definitely not the case, 3 was sufficient. 
The posterboard makes the cupcake liner so you don't want the folded pieces of it to be too close together; make sure you spread it out so that it fits all around the tub. 

After your liner is attached you will move on to attach the icing.

Grab large handfuls of polyfill and glue to the lip of the tub. I put my glue right on the lip and pressed the polyfill on to that in order to secure your icing. 

I did 2 layers and put more polyfill on top of layer 1 to make it a little higher. 

Next you will get the tulle and cover the polyfill to secure it. You need the tulle, otherwise you will have polyfill fuzzies everywhere and it can catch on to things.

You want to leave out the 2 rope handles and don't glue them under the tulle. Rather, glue the tulle around them because you will need the handles later. 

I began by going under the lip of the tub and covering it over the polyfill and gluing it to the inside of the tub. I tucked the bottom of the tulle on the inside up a few times so that I didn't burn my fingers as bad gluing it to the tub. 

At this point I had burnt myself approximately 12 times.

You may need a break or a glass of wine after that last part.

This part is the most fun, duh. Time to decorate your cupcake!

Glue your pom' poms directly on the tulle all around. I used the whole bag...obviously. 

Lastly, once it is all dry and set you can get in your cupcake because now it's time to wear it.

Have a friend help you attach the ribbon as straps. I tied one side and then crossed it in the back like suspenders and tied the other side to the opposite handle.

If you want a cherry on top you can take a few of the pipe cleaners and wrap them in a small ball. Take a green pipe cleaner and curve it to make it look like a stem and stick it in the ball.

Attach the cherry to your head by using the bobby pins to secure it.

I'm not positive that I will ever top this costume because it was seriously awesome. I had several people take my picture and one little girl tell me "I loooove cupcakes". Another girl I encountered said that she had blue cupcakes at school last week, and asked if I was blue on the inside. I laughed so many times throughout the day and couldn't stop smiling. 

One of my co-workers also made her costume, that you may have seen on my Instagram and it turned out so great!

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I may try and get away with wearing this every Saturday, because I don't think wearing a cupcake should be limited to Halloween.

What did you dress up as this year?

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