November 19, 2015

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I feel like the past few weeks has been crazy busy, but what's new? I have read so many good posts lately that have made me think hard and really appreciate all the different views we have as bloggers, but still come together and appreciate one another because we are a community.

I enjoy sharing recipes with you, creating DIY projects and giving you wedding advice, but my favorite thing about this blog is that it's mine and I can come here and just share some updates on my life and connect with all of you. That's what is happening today.

Watching: Everything on Bravo & E. Hello...Kardashians are back and so are the crazy kids from Vanderpump Rules. I am not a HUGE fan of Real Housewives of Atlanta, but their drama makes me laugh so I still watch it. I can't wait for the Beverly Hills Housewives to return too. I'm a reality TV addict, and I'm okay with it. Did anyone else know that Ariana from Pump Rules was a Disney princess? I found that out by watching the after show last week.

Decorating: Only a *LITTLE* bit for Christmas. My husband's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, so he doesn't like to see our house as Santa's workshop until after next week. I was really feeling the holiday spirit last week because it was so cold and asked him if I could put one of our trees up. He didn't exactly say yes, but he didnt' say no. I put our bedroom tree up and most nights I turn out our lights, plug in the tree and just sit and stare. The best part-there's not even ornaments on it yet. I asked him if I could put up our kitchen tree now & he groaned. Somehow it magically appeared set up and decorated when he got home from work the other night. I'm not sure how it happened. I'm also not sure how I still have a bed to sleep in after breaking the Christmas rules...haha, kidding.

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Planning: Ethan's 12th birthday party. The fact that this time next year we will have a teenager blows my mind. Sometimes I am so sad about how fast he grows, but other times he says things that make me really happy and proud of the young man he's turning in to. He requested his party be at Dave & Buster's again this year, so that's what we are doing. Last year was A TON of fun & I'm sure this year will be even better. I was messing around last month on Pic Monkey and made a creeper head from Minecraft (which is all he talks about) & he saw it and loved it. He asked me if I would make his party invitations and I about died. They're pretty simple but I was honored that he asked me to do it.

Loving: The time Chuck & I got to spend on Sunday in Pittsburgh. There is nothing like your hometown & I have so much love for the 412. Part of my wedding present to Chuck was tickets to the Steelers vs. Browns game. When I purchased the tickets I immediately thought we would be in our winter coats, but Sunday was so perfect. A day game in the sunshine in long sleeves & sunglasses...who would have guessed that for November? It was an awesome game (STEELERS WON!)  and so nice to get away with each other, if even only for the day.

My lovely husband is participating in Movember as you can tell...yay.

Such a beatiful day for football!

My favorite player of all time- Jerome (The Bus) Bettis made a halftime appearance

Wishing: That the holidays didn't rush by. I feel like I am nowhere near prepared this year for Thanksgiving or Christmas. It's going to come regardless, but I wish the days didn't go by so quickly. I put a few goodies from LUSH on my Christmas list this year along with some items for baking and entertaining from Crate and Barrel, but other than that I don't want much. I am looking forward to enjoying family time and simply being with one another.

This LUSH Peeping Santa Bubble Bar is too cute. 

Feeling: OLD! Well, I fell down the steps the other day and I am still feeling it. Here's a funny story for you...3 years ago I fell down like 15 steps at a night club in Pittsburgh after having one too many drinks and being asked to leave. It was my friend's 30th birthday and we had several tasty martini's at her place before heading downtown and it also happened to be the night Whitney Houston passed away. I love me some Whitney. The last thing I recall is asking the DJ to play one more Whitney song. I guess he told me no & I gave him some choice words and continued to drink and then give him some more of my opinion on his choice of songs. I was asked to leave and fell down the steps. I woke up the next morning with a bad hangover and lots of bruises, but other than that was great.

Monday morning I fell down about 7 steps with a laundry basket and I feel like it's taking way too long to get back to normal. My back hurts like hell, and I have a cut up elbow that is really driving me nuts. Falling down my steps is my worst nightmare. I kind of wish I was drunk Monday morning so that I didn't remember it because it's all I think about now...steps and falling down them are my worst nightmare. Woof.

Cooking: Well, trying to cook up something new this year for Thanksgiving. I always make my Sweet Potato Casserole, but I like to try out a new recipe to share. Last year I made Caramel Apple Crisp Bites for dessert and they were also a hit, but I like to switch it up. Does anyone have any good suggestions?

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