October 5, 2015

Top 5 Myths About Hair Salons

Working at a salon and spa has opened my eyes to many things. The number one thing I have learned is that people take their hair REAL serious. But really, it's like maintenance on a car. People need tuned up, and goodness forbid you go past a few miles on that routine work because it's not pretty. 

Today I bring you the top myths about hair salons, from someone who knows a thing or two about this environment.

1. The front desk girls are just a bunch of pretty faces.  
I can't tell you how many calls we get a day. On average it's about 450. Multiple lines ringing, following up on requests, running in circles around the building. It's no employees get a workout on a daily basis. We have notebooks full of lists, tasks and things you wouldn't imagine we do. It's a normal activity to drive a client to their home or take a dog outside for their bathroom break.

2. You need to think up some type of conversation to keep with your stylist for the next few hours during your appointment.
False, not every stylist wants to talk about your life. They can use a break too. Silence is beautiful. And here's a little secret...if you're talking to them when the hair dryer is going full blast, they're just nodding a head in agreement with you. They really can't hear you at all.

3. You're not bothering us by asking for the wi-fi password, or another glass of water.
People are so scared and apologetic when they ask an employee a question. News flash, it's our job to serve you. I really don't mind if you want to drink 4 glasses of cucumber water in the hour you are visiting us. Just ask us with a smile and we are happy to help. 

4. We won't notice if you're late to your appointment. 
Keeping a team of 25 people on track for their 9 hours full of appointments per day isn't an easy task. Please call us if you're going to be late. Rolling in 12 minutes late with no notice isn't acceptable. Neither is your rude attitude when we call you to make sure you're still coming once we notice you're already 7 minutes late. I would say 7 minutes is a nice buffer, be thankful for what we give you. 

5. Everyone that works in a salon is a stuck up snob.
We're not. We are average women (and men) just doing our jobs. We may work in a fancy establishment, but we stumble in to work without eyeliner on requiring 6 cups of coffee before we act like socially acceptable human beings for the next 9 or 10 hours. We wear sweatpants under our dresses from October to March because we don't get VIP parking & have to trek it from across the street. 4 out of 5 days a week at least 85% of us will wear our hair in a sock bun or use half a bottle of dry shampoo to achieve the locks you see and think took us 2 hours. We're real people too, I promise.

There you have it, they mysteries debunked. Crazy, right?! It's amazing the things I have come to learn and laugh about working at a salon. All joking aside, I really love my job and find it extremely rewarding to spend my days in such a fun place. 

Hope you all have a great start to your week!

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