October 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Husband!

I have really come to enjoy calling Chuck my husband, it's kind of crazy, pretty fun, and very special. I already posted once today, but I can't let the day go by without a tribute to my favorite guy.  At this time exactly twenty some....well um, thirty something years ago Chuck entered this world. He forever changed things because there's no one quite like you Charlie!

I've said it before and I'll repeat it until the last second I am on this Earth, Chuck is the greatest man I have ever known. He's calm in the most heated situations bringing me down to where I need to be. He's the life of the party without making a scene and without a doubt one of the funniest humans you will meet.

He's the most loyal friend you will ever have. I say this because I witness things he does for those around him, and I wish I could be more like him. Chuck will do absolutely anything for the ones he loves. He has been working long hours and very hard lately and as tough as it can be missing him, I can tell Ethan is very proud of him and looks up to his Daddy.

He's super handsome and looks good in a bow-tie. PS...he chose those for the wedding, how cute is he?!

He's the most amazing dad. I would be here all day if I listed all the things he has done the past 11 years for that little man. When Chuck talks about Ethan he gets a certain way about him. The best is when he talks about the day Ethan was tear jerker. 

He makes me laugh. Non- stop. Life is more fun with him in it. The very best thing I did was agree to go see Indiana Jones with this man seven years ago. I'm not an Indiana Jones type of girl, but I remember laughing through the whole movie. I couldn't wait to hang out with him again and I'm still laughing all these years later.

Above all, he's the greatest thing to ever happen to me. I was ecstatic when he finally put a ring on it, and I am blessed to have the honor of being  his wife. Chuck is a keeper and an all around good guy. I don't think anyone could find something bad to say about him. It's seriously an privelege to be his other half. 

I thank your parents for bringing you in to this world, and I thank you for being the best part of my world each and every day. 
I hope your Pepsi is extra cold today, the Steelers win this week, that you get some extra cool new football card in your weekly buy and someone makes you a really delicious meal (or buys you Chipotle).

Happy Birthday Husband, I love you so very much!!

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