October 19, 2015

Crazy Socks Can Lead To Happiness

This past weekend I took a trip to Pittsburgh to visit friends and to attend a baby shower. I tend to do two things during a solo road trip. I jam out...and I think. Sometimes I over think.

I got to think about my current age and how sometimes people say they can't believe I'm that age. Let me just say this.... I'm over 30. I don't know how to react when I hear it most of the time. I mean, I take it as a compliment that people don't think I look 30, but then I wonder if I should be doing something different.

Let's face it. The days I have to wear socks, they are usually crazy. In any given day I laugh like a hyena way more than I act normal. Actually I laugh in some situations I shouldn't. I am convinced me and Britney Spears are best friends. I ate chocolate peanut butter ice cream for dinner twice last week. I have the mouth of a sailor, oops (side note: I swear it's getting better). My favorite emoji is the matching dancer best friends & I tend to overuse it. Actually I'm starting a campaign for a cupcake emjoi ...who's with me? Just check out #wheresthecupcakeemoji hashtag on Instagram & you will see I'm not alone. When I can't decide what to have for lunch, I choose grilled cheese. Every time.

I was thinking....are these things people over the age of 30 do? Maybe not. I swear I did more grown up things 4 years attend charity events and make dinner outside of pinterest finds and crockpots. But you know what, as each year goes on I find myself happier.

I'm more than content with where my life is and am thrilled with the person I am. I love hard, I'm passionate, I have a great time. Yes, there are things I wish I did handle stress, not have to have my house clean 100% of the time and exercise, but hey...we are all a work in progress.

I decided that road trips are necessary, and so are cupcake socks. Who cares what people think you should act like? My age at heart varies from 8 to 38 all in a matter of minutes and I'm okay with that.

You know what else makes me happy? TARGET!
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I hope you all have a great Monday and maybe a grilled cheese too.

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