October 7, 2015

10 Tips For Staying Young (& Happy) This Fall

This past weekend we took our annual trip to our favorite local farm to enjoy a nice fall day. It was perfect weather 66 degrees and sunny. The sun was beating down so hard that it was actually hot in our long sleeves. 

When Chuck was the one to suggest we go to Port Farms earlier in the week I was really excited because I feel like I'm the one dragging him there year after year. Then, Ethan was super happy for our adventure and I was even more ecstatic. 
Fall is my most favorite time of the year, and to see Ethan still enjoying it even though he is getting older makes me all sorts of heart eyed happy inside. 

Here's how to enjoy my favorite season...through a child's mind and pictures of my favorite little man.

Make sure you jump for joy every chance you get. Even the little things, like tires in the ground can get you amped for Fall. 

Never follow the rules. Going down slides...backwards, is where it's at. Life's too short to listen to your parents.

Kick back and relax, no matter where you are. Whether it's on a slide or in a pile of leaves...let loose a little.

Don't be ordinary. Shoot a pumpkin from a slingshot, dress up and go trick or treating with some little whatever your crazy heart desires. 

Cause a scene. Be a goat and cross a goat bridge. Maybe you even cause a traffic jam. No one is judging you, especially on Halloween.

Sassy pants are the best pants. Wear them whenever you need to. Enough said, goat.

Try and touch the sky. Dream big, every day.

Go, jump, and flip like no one is watching.

 Never forget to smile. You don't know what one little flip of the lip can do for someone.

Above anything else, have fun. Shoot, go down 2 slides backwards if you need to or have a cupake for dinner. It's YOUR life!

And that my friends, sums up our awesome trip to the farm this weekend. I promise if you follow these tips you'll have a great month & season.

**Thanks to my great photo taking husband (that's the first time typing that on the blog) for the fun pictures.

Until next time....

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