August 26, 2015

One More Month

In one month I finally marry my love after 7 years together.

When we first got engaged, it seemed as if September 26, 2015 would never come. Now here we are one month out from the big day and I can't believe it.
The beautiful thing about having a blog is that it serves as an online diary, a place to take me back to this exact day 10 or 20 years from now. A step inside my head one month before I say vows and make this relationship officially official.

There has been several years of dating, hardships, achievements, late nights, early mornings, stressful days, blissful vacations and the greatest love I have ever known to lead up to this day.
Chuck and I met at work. When he first asked me out on a date, I thought he was joking. I teased him about it the days leading up and took a chance by showing up. 
We saw Indiana that was a sign from somewhere that I liked him. Emelia doesn't watch Indiana Jones. I didn't want to leave that movie theatre. I wanted more time to hang out with Chuck. So I saw him the next day, and the day after that. Chuck was and still is so different than any man I have ever been with.

He's funny- we laugh from the second we wake up until the minute we end our day, he's incredibly passionate in a low-key kind of way, he's calming, he's the life of the party without being annoying, he's the person you call at 3 am or 1 pm just because he's the friend that will be there to help. He doesn't question my crazy ideas...he encourages them. Chuck is my right hand man and exactly what I never knew I always needed.

I was never the little girl who dreamed of her wedding day. I played house once in a while, but I enjoyed playing cashier, babysitter, and the boss more. I've always been independent and thought I never needed a man to complete me. I've come to realize that while I am my own woman, I'm not half of what I can be without Chuck by my side.

It wasn't until I met Chuck that I started envisioning my wedding day. I thought about how I wanted to be his wife and share my life with him forever. I wanted to be a part of his son's life and make a family. I love doing nothing with Chuck, but one of my favorite things about us is our adventures. 

This next month is going to fly by, and while it makes me extremely anxious that I won't have time to get things done, I can't wait to become his wife. One more month until we celebrate our love and our journey by saying "I Do". 

Thank you Chuck for choosing me. There is no one else I would spend my days with, each one with you is something I cherish.

Let's do this.

To Travel and Beyond

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