August 3, 2015


Holy crap, it's August. You have probably been wondering where the heck I have been. Or you haven't...either way, it's cool.

Did you know that weddings are incredibly time consuming? No joke...I spent every night the past week and a half working on some sort of project. You think I'm done, or close to done? Wrong. Not close, but almost close to being married and having this super awesome party of the that's great.
I was going to pop in last week and tell you that I was up to all of the above, but I recently read that people get annoyed with that. There's alot to keep up with on this blogging front. So that I can ease back in to things...let's give a recap.


Feeling: Overhwelmed, but so loved. My bridal shower was yesterday and it was so perfect. I had a vision, and it really came to life.

Wondering: Can I really make a life doing event planning? So many of my guests told me that I have a gift. It made me really happy because it's always been a dream of mine. After I wanted to be a writer in New York City and snapped back to reality I wanted to be an event planner. I was fresh out of college and sent my resume to every event planning business in Erie, Pa. I didn't get a single response from any of them, probably because I didn't have a bit of experience and they weren't even hiring...they most likely thought I was crazy. But, look at me now.

Loving: My new Stila Stay All Day Lipstick in Bella. Lindsay wore it in a post I saw on Instagram and I had to have it. Once I found out the name, I really needed it. My mom called me Bella and I love that the lipstick had the name too.
Working On: getting caught up in blog land. I've read a lot of posts from my phone during the work day, but it's hard to comment on a cell phone. I miss having the time to do it all, but I'll be back to normal in no time. I have a few drafts for some posts coming up that I'm excited about.

Reading: Cosmopolitan. SJP is on the cover this month, so I had to buy it. I quit subscribing to magazines a while ago because it's too much money. I saw Sarah staring at me in the checkout line Friday and had to have it, duh. Did you know Sarah Jessica Parker had NEVER been on the cover of Cosmo until now...that kind of blows my mind.

Shopping: for some fall basics. I got a cardigan from the Nordy Sale yesterday and can't wait to get it in the mail. It was originally $68 and I had a $20 coupon and with the combination of the sale I got it for less than $30. SCORE!

Watching: General Hospital. I have watched it since I was little. My mom watched it every single day and I did too. I stopped watching for a few years, but I'm hooked and love enjoying a soap opera. The DVR makes it easy for me to watch it at my convenience. Back in college I taped it every day on my VCR on a funny is that?!

Organizing: E-mails. So if you sent me one in the past 2 weeks, don't worry...I'll reply...eventually. How does an inbox get so overwhelmed anyway...geez!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and that you're enjoying a great start to your week!

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