August 17, 2015

4 Inspirational Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

I already told you all the reasons why I love Instagram, but my number one reason is the inspiration I get from people's pictures. I love pictures that tell a story, open my eyes to something new, or lead me to learn a little more about life.

Bri // designlovefest  Bri has an incredible eye. She's an art director by trade, so of course her pictures are stunning. She incorporates a mix of food, fashion, day to day musings, and does it all beautifully. She inspires me to think outside of the lens with the standard pictures and make mine more bold and bright.

Kelsey // abalancingpeach Kelsey is fresh and inviting. Her pictures make me want to take a step in to her life. The clean lines and cool colors inspire me to always look at the bright side in life.

Mckenna // mckennableu  Mckenna is a gorgeous fashion blogger so naturally her pictures are top notch. She incorporates fashion with travel, home decor that is to die for, and does it all making it look so easy. That's the main thing about Mckenna that inspires me...she doesn't force her pictures. They are eazy breezy and chic and full of beautiful colors.

Samantha // samantha_show_ Samantha is a cool life and style blogger who always has a story behind her photos which I love. She's a mom and the pictures where she showcases the realness behind the scenes are the ones I enjoy the most. It's inspiring to see women who truly balance it all, and that's something Samantha brings to life in her pictures.

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I love finding new accounts to follow, do you have any favorite inspirational accounts you enjoy?

While you're at it...follow me on Instagram because if you don't, that would just be silly.

Happy Monday Loves!

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