July 1, 2015

Why I Love Instagram

In this fast-paced world of social media, there's constantly something new and improved. We went from MySpace to Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to Vine to Snapchat to now..Periscope!?

I know a lot of people who can't stand Facebook. I'm that girl...on some days. I simply mute people or keep scrolling along so that I don't have to read about their children's daily potty breaks or their negativity about everything under the sun.

I love Twitter, but it's high maintenance. I enjoy interacting with people, but honestly...I don't have the time. I am not on my phone all day at work, so carrying on conversations throughout the day just doesn't happen. Twitter has also turned highly promotional with businesses, advertisements, and us bloggers too. I'm one of those people promoting my posts too, so I get it.

Instagram is my jam though. While some photos can be staged, or set up to be complete perfection...the whole art behind it intrigues me. I really love seeing people express their creativity, give us a peek in to their world, and showcase what they love about life.

Personally, I love the sky so that's what seems to be taking over my feed lately. There are so many reasons that I am obsessed with it. Free beauty is so cool. Nature is pretty amazing. The vibrant colors blow my mind. I see signs in the sky frequently.
I don't like to edit my Instagram pictures much, because I don't want to stray from the original beauty of what I am showcasing. I am also working on taking a cell phone picture so perfect and colorful that it doesn't need edited.

There are so many beautiful Instagram accounts out there that I think everyone should follow, whether you're a blogger, a mom, a photographer, or someone who simply loves pictures.


Laura is an interior stylist, so her pictures are bound to be pretty. I love her balance between classy chic, and downright real. Her balance of white making her pictures fresh and clean keep me coming back for more.

There are several parts of my house that fall somewhere in the range of "not so nice" to "extra hideous." Take for example our deck, which we have nicknamed the Dr. Seuss deck, because there are no right angles. It's rotting, peeling, and heaving out of the ground, and generally trying to maim anyone who dares cross it. The thing is so slanted that if we set up a kiddie pool the water slopes to zero depth. But sometimes you gotta just pause and appreciate how beautiful even a decaying, decrepit, ornery deck can be when a flowering vine winds its way through a staircase railing. #livethelittlethings ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ˜‰ p.s. The railing on the other side of these stairs fell off and is laying on the grass. ๐Ÿ˜‚ p.p.s. Goes to show not everything is as perfect as Instagram makes it out to be! ๐Ÿ˜œ


Not only is Courtney stunning, but she makes me want to step in to her world each time I look at one of her pictures. Crisp backgrounds and classy outfits...her feed is simply gorgeous. Wherever Courtney is, I want to be and her pictures take me there.


Taylor seems to always be having a great time, and it shows in her pictures. From sippin' on tasty drinks to fashion post outtakes, her pictures scream fun. She keeps things lighthearted and fun, there is always happiness in her pictures.


Ashley is one of a kind. Not only is she an entrepreneur who employs inner city youth, but every little thing she does inspires me. Ashley is an amazing soul, and if I could come back in my next lifetime as one person, it would be her. Each picture she posts makes me think hard and love life a little more.


Last but not least, Sarah. Enough words can't say how much of a rockstar Sarah is. Girlfriend has it going on in so many ways...her blog is killer, she's got design skills like whoa, and her pictures are on point- a mix of funky and fresh. You won't be disappointed with any of her pictures.

If those accounts aren't enough to make you love Instagram, I don't know what is. Beautiful colors, unique angles, and beautiful stories transforming your feed. There's nothing quite like pictures. They are memories, they are storytellers, they are living fairytales depicted through creative photographers like you and me.

What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow? 


  1. Instagram is seriously my favorite form of social media!! I have so many favorite accounts. Thanks for sharing a few I'm not following yet

  2. I love Instagram! These are some awesome accounts.

  3. I could scroll through instagram all day long!! I love it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Excited to try these new accounts! And what is periscope??? I have no clue and everyone is talking about it!

  5. I could spend HOURS on Instagram! I'm glad you found some new accounts to follow...enjoy :)

  6. From what I understand Periscope is like an Instagram, but only videos. I'm glad you found some new IG accounts to follow. Thanks for reading Nina!

  7. I love finding new Instagrammers to follow...I think you could say that I am OBSESSED with Instagram!

  8. I couldn't agree with you more on being beyond over FB, and Instagram and Snapchat are my jam too! And what in the world is Periscope?! The last thing I need is yet another new social media app to keep up with :-P

  9. I was already following most of these accounts, but thanks for introducing me to a few new ones!

    And the number of social media apps/platforms is becoming outrageous! Instagram is growing on me though.

  10. We love Instagram, too (and are also easily overwhelmed by Twitter, haha). I feel so behind...what is Periscope?!

  11. I am too Ash...I LOVE it, so many pretty pictures!

  12. I definitely CANNOT keep up with them all, so I haven't even downloaded Periscope. I have fun on Snapchat and it's not much work, rather it's like a behind the scenes peek in to life!

  13. I am glad you found some new ones to follow :) Instagram has won me over as I find new creative accounts to marvel over! Thanks for reading :)

  14. Twitter IS overwhelming for the most part...I really can't keep up. Periscope seems to be all videos. So, like IG but videos only?! I haven't downloaded it...because I can't stay on top of what I do have..haha!

  15. Me too, you're right that it's creative and inspiring. I love challenging myself to take bolder, brighter photos. I love discovering new I'm glad you found some new ones Kati!