June 4, 2015

Beauty Review: Summer Essentials

Since Summer is coming quick, it's already time for another beauty review. This round includes some new things I was really excited to test out to keep looking fresh and flawless in the sunshine. 

Panasonic Eyelash Curler
I have almost always been obsessed with curling my eyelashes. Part of me wishes I would have never started, because before I did my lashes were so long and full. I will take what I can get these days to make them long and beautiful. Enter the Panasonic heated eyelash curler to the rescue. I love the ease and results from this little wonder, and have been getting amazing results when I use it.

Price:$12 from Amazon
My overall thoughts: Remembering to buy batteries is a struggle, but once you do you won't be disappointed. While it is priced a little higher than normal eyelash curlers, it is definitely worth it. My summer go to look is some great mascara to make your eyes pop, bronzer and a great gloss. This curler definitely will help achieve that look.

Orly Color Amped
We all know Target is dangerous. On my last trip I had almost made it out with out any unneccessary purchases until I passed this on the end of an aisle. I was intrigued by the box that said, no smudge, fast drying, long lasting results. I loved all the color options, but I'm not quite sold just yet. My first application was a bit streaky and that great of full coverage after 2 coats.

Price: $15 from Target
My overall thoughts: I loved how quick it dried and it did last, but I wasn't pleased with the overall quality, especially for the price. I will be giving it another shot when I have a little more time and can hopefully get a better application. The bright, fun color options are perfect for summer so I hope it turns out great next time.

Too Faced Little Black Book Of Bronzers

I was on the hunt for a new bronzer for this summer, and was up to my usual antics reading reviews on Sephora for hours. I came across a limited edition book of bronzers from Too Faced and instantly fell in love. There are 8 different bronzers in the book, and all equally as awesome as the one next to it. So far, I have tried 3 of the 8 and can't pick a favorite. Ok, if I really had to it would be the Pink Leopard, because the shimmers of pink with the tanned bronzer are perfect.

Price: $49 from Sephora
My overall thoughts: An amazing deal for anyone looking to try out multiple products before committing or purchasing a full size. I love Too Faced products, and this one lived up to all my expectations. I highly recommend the book, such a great idea for a gift too!

Too Faced Melted
I already talked about this awesome product in my last beauty review, but I couldn't help but mention it again. I purchased another color and am loving it just as much as the first one. The color options are so vibrant and pretty, I pretty much want them all. This is the PERFECT option for a gloss and lipstick all day look at the beach, on vacation, or just a hot summer day.

Price: $21 from Sephora
My overall thoughts: LOVE LOVE LOVE, gimmie gimmie more.

All these products help complete my effortless, fun summer look.
What's on your summer beauty list?


  1. I've been waiting for your review of the bronzers! I'm so fair-skinned but still think I might pick one up. I'm in the market for a new eyelash curler so glad you talked about this one! I'm a little intimidated by the heated ones... I'm going to have to try that lip product, too!

  2. When sephora had their friends and family sale last year I picked up the actual pack of bronzers so it's similar to the book, but they are all individual and I love them!! Perfect to pick up and just put anywhere!! I just love the smell too! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. OHHHH, I almost bought some of the Two Faced lip products about a million times now. Are they drying??? That is my biggest fear when it comes to a product like that.

  4. That melted palette looks FABULOUS definitely want to try that out :)

  5. When it's summer I love bold lashes and bright lips!

  6. I want to try the Too Faced Melted, LOVE that color!

  7. It is amazing! I love it too. Thanks Julia :)

  8. YES, Lashes are my favorite thing to play around with. I have SO many mascara's!

  9. I don't feel as if they are. They last alllll day!

  10. Oh really, that's awesome! The Too Faced products are so amazing and YES the smell is out of this world amazing...OBSESSED! Have a good weekend Biana, XO!

  11. Awe I'm glad you were looking forward to it, that makes me happy! I think you would still get great use out of it for sure, maybe even stop by and chat with the reps...they are always super helpful at my Sephora! The heated ones used to intimidate me, but I made sure to play around with them when I had extra time and not when I was rushed getting ready for work in the morning. The lip stuff is amazingggg!

  12. Oooh I love that Too Faced palette! I am awful at choosing the right color, so this sounds so perfect for me!

  13. Yes, it is a great buy! There are so many options inside and it can really help you narrow down what's best. Thanks for stopping by Meg!