May 6, 2015

April Favorites

It's that time again, where I round up my favorite reads from the month of April. It's so fun to spread the blogger love and some posts that are seriously awesome. No time to waste...let's get to it.

Favorite DIY: Nina from Wear Flowers In Your Hair shows us the perfect long lasting mani here. What female doesn't love an inexpensive and longer than 2 day manicure?! Yes please!

Favorite Recipe: The Perfect Spring Cocktail: Happy Juice from Kallie at But First, Coffee. I could probably have a glass every day and be okay with it.

Favorite Moment: Meeting my "You Are Beautiful" co-host when vacationing in Las Vegas...what an amazing memory.

Favorite Post:  Your Husband Can Be Your Best Friend Too from Becca at Becoming Adorrable. Thank you Becca for breaking the standard "your husband can't be your best friend" theory. There's nothing wrong with being in love with your other half.

Favorite Inspiration: Chelsea from The Girl Who Loved To Write truly has a gift with her poems. They are constantly making me smile, but this one especially brightened my day. Fun fact: Chelsea can write you a poem for a loved one, yourself, or whatever you special and sweet is that?!

Favorite Purchase: All my new Britney gear from her store in Vegas, especially this tee. I love the artistic look of it, and not to mention it's so comfy.

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It was a great month & I'm excited to see what May brings.

What were some of your favorites in April?


  1. I love that you had one epic blogger date in Vegas! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. that britney shirt is the dude!

  3. Yay for blates! Someday I will get to do one! :) Love your Britney shirt!

  4. It's still so cool that you and Lauren met up!!

  5. Your DIY posts rock, this was such a good one!

  6. I wish we could all meet. Maybe I can create a blogger convention....:) Thanks, it's my new favorite shirt, DUH!

  7. YES a blogger convention would be AWESOME. I would so be there!

  8. Maybe after the wedding is over I can plan that next ;)