April 14, 2015

Vegas Vacation: Essentials & Airplane Gear

Well I don't know if you heard, but this week we are off to LAS VEGAS!! We take off Thursday morning bright and early, and I can't wait for a long weekend away with some fun in the sun.

I put together some of the essentials needed on the trip, as well as airport gear you will see me sporting.

vegas essentials

Black evening gown
$27 -

Floral print shoes

Roxy beach tote bag

MIA 2 dop kit

I can't go anywhere without a black maxi dress and some cute, comfy sandals. These 2 items can be transitioned in to several outfits which is an added bonus when traveling.
You know how I love my Smith & Cult nail polish, so I'll be bringing this shade called "Vegas Post Apocalyptic" for touch ups on my nails. Ray-Ban aviators will be essential for the bright sunshine, and the morning after a few fun nights.

My mornings always start with the Clarisonic Mia 2, since it always keeps my skin tame. Traveling seems to flare up my skin, and the cleaner is easy to pack away and bring with me.
To hit the pool, a big bag will carry all my belongings such as my cell phone, magazines, sunscreen, drinks, and more...the colors on this one are just too cute.

Last but not least, the perfect travel accessory is this tech clutch from Kate Spade. My brother recently gifted me one and I love it. It fits your phone, cards, and ID in perfect form nice and compact.

Vegas Airport

Maurices gray cardigan

Boohoo long skirt

Oasis blue sandals
$33 -

Kate Spade tech accessory

Victoria s Secret lips makeup

Philosophy body moisturizer
$17 -

Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Apple Store

Traveling can be tiring, especially dealing with airports and airplanes so I like to make myself as comfortable as possible. 
Anything with the word maxi in it is okay with me, and maxi skirts feel like sweatpants to me so I will for sure be wearing one on the flight to Las Vegas. Airplanes tend to be cold, and I never seem to be able to get fully comfortable, so this cozy cardigan should help. Cute sandals are a must and comfortable footwear is always needed when traveling.

I always watch movies on my iPad so my Beats and this cute iPad case will definitely be in my bag. I tend to rewatch some of my favorites like Clueless, The Nutcracker and Sex and The City that are saved on my device because they help pass the time and make me happy.

My body reacts to different climates and new places in a weird way, so I will keep my favorite body lotion on hand, this scent is SO yummy. Lip gloss, tons of them, everywhere..including this favorite of mine.

Now that you've seen what's in my travel bags tell me...what's in yours?


  1. those purple ray-bans!! i have the blue mirror ones (that I also pranced around Vegas in haha) but dang I want those purple ones.
    also, pouting because i wish i was able to come out there and meet and hang out.

  2. LOVE that Roxy beach bag and the black maxi! Everything you picked out is perfect! Have the best time!

  3. someone sat down for Beats + said "okay. how can we convince every blogger they actually need our headphones even though they purchased those other fancy headphones already? OH DUH just make them white + gold."

  4. HAHAHA the minute I saw them I was like "I NEED THESE" and Chuck made it happen. They look good for pictures, and I've worn them about twice....haha, oops!

  5. Thanks so much Julia, I LOVE a good maxi dress! Thank you, I can't wait... :) !!!!

  6. I HAVE THE GREEN ONES! I want every color!!! I wish I could meet you too, that would be SO awesome. When I come to CA some day, it's onnnnnn! Lauren from Lot 48 is going to be there Saturday so I'm going to meet her! I can't wait! I'll be snapping some great Britney pics though girl ;)

  7. I totally agree with the Maxi dress. You really can't go wrong with it, it's comfy and you can sit cross legged without anyone seeing your undies. I take my kindle every where with me, a nalgene of water, and a notepad for thoughts.

  8. Maxi skirts are awesome to travel in, although I have to admit I don't like traveling in sandals because I don't want to walk barefoot through the TSA checkpoint!

  9. Have fun in Vegas! I'm currently in the planning process for a trip there this summer. I couldn't agree more about maxi dresses and traveling. You look cute and put together but it's ultimately comfortable. I love the purple tint of those Ray-Bans. I may have to splurge for my own trip!

  10. VEGAS IS THE BEST! My sister lives there (and I have been there a shameful number of times hahaha)- let me know if you need suggestions!!!

  11. Ohhh, I LOVE the lenses in those sunnies! Have fun in Vegas girl!!

  12. Vegas ROCKS! It was another great time, thank you for your suggestions ;)

  13. OH YEA, Vegas is great. I'm not a gambler, but we love the shows & sights and pools. It was great and I rocked my maxi's haha...Let me know if you want suggestions, etc...I've been there 5 times now!

  14. haha, good point...we lucked out and got selected for pre check-in and didn't have to empty pockets or take off shoes or anything, it was sweet!

  15. RIGHT! I watched TV with the free wi-fi and it was great for the long flight :)