April 8, 2015

Sephora Haul // The Basics

I have a confession. I'm a make-up freak. I love to try different brands and find what's best for me. More often than not you can find me on Sephora or Nordstrom's websites chatting with their representatives asking questions about products or reading reviews for hours.

My latest Sephora haul includes the basics, some of which I buy on repeat and a few new things that I am loving.

Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover

While you may have instant sticker shock, I'm here to say that you should get over it. I bought the first one of these over a year ago. I paint my nails on a regular basis, meaning I remove that nail polish usually weekly. So this little bottle has lasted me over 52 uses to my best estimate. A few dips in the bottle and the polish is removed. It's so easy and painless that I will never use another brand again. Totally worth the price!

Price: $9.50
My overall thoughts: Amazing! Removes dark nail polish without anything left behind, and works well with glitter type polishes also.

Sephora Hair Ties

I have tried the ribbon hair ties from other places, such as Old Navy and another brand I found at Target and they didn't last anywhere near the duration as the Sephora brand. I have very thick hair that often gives me a headache when worn up in any way, until I found these. I use these hair ties every day and when I sleep. I wash my hair every few days so at night I wear it up in a bun, because if I don't I wake up looking like Medusa. These hair ties have been quite a small miracle. The last time I purchased these was almost a year ago, which is great for hair ties...because us women lose hair ties every second.

Price: $9.00 for 8 
My overall thoughts: For a little over a dollar a piece, I would rather buy these than those that work for 1-2 uses. I get a few months use out of each hair tie.

Now for my new purchases...

Beauty Blender Micro Mini

A few months ago I purchased a Beauty Blender and am loving the results. I still use a foundation brush for the inital application on to my face, but then use the blender to really ...well, blend and get a better, more natural look. I had read several reviews and some beauty bloggers who talked about the micro's being effective for the small areas, such as by your nose and eyes. I decided to give these a try and am highly impressed so far. They do work just as described for those hard to blend areas.

Price: $17.95 for 2
My overall thoughts: I am becoming obsessed with all of the Beauty Blender's and wondering why I didn't purchase them earlier. Great essential product that all of us should have in our makeup bags!

Beauty Blender Cleanser Solid

I tried to clean the sponge with my usual process of some mild soap and water, and it didn't seem to work well. While in Sephora, I saw this and had already read about it. I wanted to try the liquid, but they were sold out. The benefit of this product is that it's easy to travel with. I have already used it a few times and it works well. My only complaint was that I had to use it about 3 times to get the Beauty Blender clean. Maybe this was due to the fact that I had used the sponge a few weeks before purchasing the cleaner, but it does get the job done.

Price: $15.95
My overall thoughts: I like it and the fact that I can throw it in my makeup bag easily while traveling, but I still want to purchase the liquid version.

Do you use any of these products? What essential beauty items do you recommend?


  1. Ohh, I'm super intrigued by the mini beauty blenders - I've heard nothing but great things about the regular one!

  2. It's been way too long since I've had a Sephora haul (I'm sure that makes my husband happy lol), and I'm intrigued by those hair ties and the beauty blender micro mini :)

  3. This was a dangerous post for me to read haha. I love shopping for makeup and I always save these kinds of posts so that when I'm ready for that big shopping trip, I know what I'm looking for. Thanks, Emelia!

  4. Oh makeup and beauty stuff is so much fun! I need to get some of that nail polish remover, it sounds amazing!

  5. I think the little blenders are so cute but I'd be afraid that they'd slip from my fingers!!! I have been wanting to try those hair ties and glad that you like them!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. They are a little harder to handle, but they do work wonders! The hair ties are a MUST, thanks for reading Biana!

  7. I could buy it all and never be satisfied's a problem, haha! I will never buy another nail polish remover again, this stuff is the bomb!

  8. HaHa, I do the SAME. I am like okay...I need that, so I write it down and add it to my list! At least I don't go buying it all at the same time, right?!

  9. haha, yes...when I come home with the bags I hide them from Chuck! The hair ties are amazing and the micro mini's are perfect for those difficult places to blend!

  10. Yes, they are GREAT, you need them....well, after your spending freeze ;)