April 27, 2015

Las Vegas Vacation Recap: Part Two // It's Britney B!tch

The main reason we went to Las Vegas, besides a much needed getaway was to see the Queen, Miss Britney Jean Spears. If you know me at all, or have poked around on this blog you're well aware that she is my everything. You may need to bring yourself up to speed on this Britney issue and you can do that here.
If you missed Part 1 of my Vegas Vacation recap you can catch up pretty quick here.

When Britney announced her residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas I knew I had to get there at some point. I really wanted to go for my bachelorette party, but with families, work commitments, and other life things it became obvious that wasn't going to happen. I was okay with it, but knew I had to get there somehow.
Elisa was surprised with a trip and concert tickets for Valentine's Day & Chuck and I were ecstatic to be part of the fun. The four of us were ready to do Vegas, and definitely do Britney.

britney piece of me

We went to Britney's Friday night show so during the day we kept it low key by the pool. A few drinks were consumed and a selfie stick was ruined. In case you were wondering, they aren't waterproof and you shouldn't operate one under the influence.

Finally the evening came and I was more than ready to run in the Axis Theatre and get the show started. I didn't want to take any pictures out front just yet, because I wanted to get in, but not without my Britney cup first...duh.


We got to our seats and awaited Britney's entrance. At one point I got real mad because they had a countdown going on a giant screen and it was about 20 mintues behind when the show should have started...I seriously could not wait any longer than normal.  The only thing that made it better was the group of 20 girls in red  "Oops I Did It Again" go girls!! 
When it hit 9 pm giant letters B... R...started flashing up on the stage with pictures of Britney through the years. IT WAS TIME! Elisa and I had our heels off at this point and we were ready to dance. I started screaming with excitement as Brit made her entrance down to "Work Bitch."

I was screaming so loud and jumping up and down like a 16 year old crazy fangirl, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. She looked so good...nice and fit, her hair is short and perfect, oh Britney you're amazing. 
She went right in to Womanizer & 3 after, talking to us in the crowd and dancing her heart out on stage. She then slowed it down as she came  from the ceiling in angelic wings fluttering on to the next set. 

I had obviously already watched the E! Special "I Am Britney Jean" and saw pieces of the amazing set, but it was breathtaking in person. So many great graphics, bright colors and out of this world large pieces to make it all come together. 

The neon set was one of my favorites...I mean who doesn't like blacklight and neon?! I was kind of a freak during the entire show. I was beaming with a huge smile on my face, snapping pictures, taking videos, sending snapchats, jumping up and down, fist pumping and screaming.

As Circus, my favorite Britney song, came on, I hit my ultimate high. I couldn't believe we were actually in Las Vegas seeing my girl, it had been my dream for quite some time. I looked over at Chuck during random points when I was screaming my head off and he just looked back at me smiling, he gets's awesome.

The show was 90 minutes long, and every second went by way too fast. We had known the setlist and listented the exact order of songs several times through already thanks to Elisa. Toxic was one of the hits in the last set and I captured a decent video for you to see. So as Crazy came on I got real sad.


Britney's energy was through the roof and her dance moves were on point. She rocked the entire show and it was so great to see her again. 

She ended the show with "Till The World Ends" and was the absolute cutest when she came up to the front of the stage and waved to all of us and thanking us in her adorable accent. Confetti fell from the ceiling and the crowd was going wild. I did not want her to leave that stage. I went and did it...I cried during that last song. Just look at her gettin it in and jammin out...Britney is back and she is making it happen in Las Vegas.

Even though I knew there was no encore, we stood there for a few minutes waiting for something. I don't think any of us wanted to leave. It was absolutely epic...Britney in Vegas....amazing!!!

We went out in to the lobby and took some pictures. My favorite was obviously the get up from her Circus video. Chuck was the best and snapped multiple pictures all over the place that night. 

After they had to kick us out of the theatre, we went to the Britney Store and dropped some loot on gear. I even found a second Britney cup that some silly person had left behind...thank you for that bonus, holla! 

The night before the show we had been in Planet Hollywood and asked multiple employees where the Britney elevators were, and all of them looked at us clueless. Turns out that they are right by the closest bathrooms on the casino floor by the theatre. We found them by mistake on our way to the bathrooms and obviously had a 20 minute photoshoot. Thanks again Chuck!!

Now, here comes the best part. I have to tell you that sometimes I get what I call my "lucky feelings". When I have this gut feeling I buy a scratch off lottery ticket and usually win anywhere from $10 to my highest amount of $50.
Well, a few days before we left I just had this feeling that something big was going to happen. We were going to see Britney somewhere on the Strip in Vegas or come across some backstage VIP passes. We were going to get lucky.

Well...we did. During our photoshoot none other than FELICIA came to get on an elevator. Elisa was first to spot her and screamed "FELICIAAAAA" and we all (well us girls) ran over to her. Chuck gathered our purses and bags off the floor and came over with us while we freaked out. He looked at her and said "Hi Felicia, I'm sorry I don't know you who are, but I'm Chuck." She was so sweet & said "Oh hi Chuck, nice to meet you, I'm Felicia." I could not get over her sweet Southern accent and how kind she was.

If you don't know who Felicia Culotta is, she is Britney's assistant. She currently runs the Meet & Greet portion of the show and has been with Britney from the start of her career and is actually her mom's best friend. We stood there and talked to her for abotu 20 minutes like we were old friends. Felicia answered all our questions about Brit and gave us a lot of information. Here's some of the inside scoop:
Britney has been extended an offer to stay in Las Vegas for her residency. She is very happy in Vegas, but there's a lot behind accepting the offer to continue the show...let's hope it works out.
Kevin Federline is a good dad. His new wife and Britney get along well and they are all in a good place.
Britney & Charlie are really happy and he is a great guy.
If the teacher in her video "Hit Me Baby One More Time" looks pretty familiar to the woman below, that's because it IS her...she confirmed it to us.
Britney does not primarily stay at Planet Hollywood while she is there...I won't tell where she does, you'll have to meet Felicia for yourself and ask her ;)

Meeting Felicia seriously made our night complete. She was as sweet as I imagine Britney would be. I only hope that she told Britney about us and how much we love her. 
If you can't meet Britney Spears...the next best thing is her life long assistant. 

Congratulations if you've made it this far, if so, you must be a true fan too. To recap the recap: Britney is still the Queen. You need to see her in Vegas. I will be back in 2016, but with a better strapless bra. The amount of times I had to put the girls back in place while dancing was completely unacceptable.
 If you're just not ready to be done with my Vegas Vacation recaps...either am I. The final moments will be up this week to finish out the fun. 

Until next time....Hit Me Baby One More Time...


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