April 21, 2015

Fitness Motivation & A Lululemon Giveaway

I'm the first to admit that I need to get in to shape. Not only is important for my physical being, but it's also a great mental boost. No one wants to be overweight, but sometimes it's so hard for me to get motivated.

There's a handful of things that help motivate me, and I'm going to fuel off of them during the hardest part of getting back in to my fitness routine.

Sunshine, Spring & Summertime
I LOVE being outside and taking advantage of the nice, warm weather. Walks around the neighborhood or running on the peninsula around Lake Erie makes me extremely happy. I don't even mind working out when I'm enjoying nature and the sunshine, it's pretty much perfect.

Different types of music interest me and I really like checking out new things. I have a five minute commute to work and I don't listen to it a lot of music around the house throughout the rest of my day. When I'm working out it gives me a chance to listen to new music and jam out. I like to turn on Pandora and go favorite stations to listen to during my workouts are: 
Dance Pop , I'm A Slave 4 U, Pop Fitness,  and Pop & Hip Hop Power Radio

Family Time
As I already mentioned, I love getting outside to work out. The best part is that Chuck & Ethan enjoy it too. Ethan loves to ride his bike and Chuck will walk or run with me and it's a great chance to spend time together. When we walk Chuck and I will unwind and talk about our days or when we run he motivates me and helps me stick with it. He's been a runner forever so it comes natural to him, whereas for me, since my high school soccer days I hate it. Time outside together with my boys makes me want to work out and get active so we can hang out as a family.

Cute Workout Clothes
With one quick jump online I can fill a cart with workout clothes in about 3 minutes. Cute leggings, bright tanks & fierce shoes are my jam. I refuse to reward myself with workout clothes unless I consistenly stick with it, so that's part of my motivation. The more I excercise, the cuter I can look all around...right?!

I've teamed up with a great group of bloggers to give you the chance to win a shopping spree of $200 to that's awesome. 

To see some of my favorite workout gear, smoothie recipes, and workout tips check out my Pinterest page here

Spring Training $200 Lululemon Giveaway

How do you get motivated to stay in shape? Any tips for me as I get back on track?


  1. I am loving this giveaway, lady! Cute workout clothes are always great motivation to get myself to the gym or outside! :)

  2. Woo hoo thanks for the giveaway!! :) I totally agree, cute workout clothes are great motivation, both wearing them and rewarding yourself with them! It's just more fun to workout in cute stuff! :)

  3. Awesome give away! Also my best advice to getting motivated is to just put on your shoes. Plan your workout ahead of time so you cut out any decision making, and lay out your clothes the night before. The least amount of planning you have to do the day of, the least likely you are to change your plans!

  4. Yes! Even just getting outside for a walk can make such a difference! And duh cute workout clothes!

  5. Walking in the city is great because you don't even realize you're working out. You're just going from one place to another. But work out clothes. I love.

  6. That's a great's important to show the children how important health and fitness are!

  7. Yes! We walked SO much on vacation, logged over 40 miles just sightseeing, haha!

  8. It really does, bring on the fresh air and sunshine!

  9. Thanks Carissa, those are all great points. Thank you for the tips!

  10. Glad you enjoy it Julia, good luck! Cuteness is a MUST!

  11. Thanks Emily! They sure are, cuteness overload!

  12. Having small, short term goals motivates me! Instead of saying I'll run 5 miles, I'll start by saying I'll run one mile a day for five days.

  13. That's a really good idea Chelsea :) I love that idea...I am a big go getter, and then when I don't reach my goal immediately I get down on myself. This is perfect!