March 11, 2015

How To Blog When You Don't Have An Office

You've seen the pictures of the bloggers with home offices. Inspirational quotes in pretty frames adorn the walls, bright colored rugs with fun patterns line the floors, and polka dotted staplers and tape dispensers are perfectly put in place on the desk.

What happens when you don't have a home office? How do you blog?

home office inspiration

I don't have a home office, but I still manage to produce blog content on the regular. Here's how I do it.

1. Create a space that works for you
Our bedroom is pretty big, so that's where I have made my "office". I was attending graduate school online and used to have a desk in the room, but have since taken it out because I am no longer doing that and wanted something different. 
We purchased this chaise lounge from Amazon last year and absolutely love it. It's so comfortable and we get a ton of use out of it. It converts in to a few different angles that I adjust depending on my mood. 

2.  It doesn't have to be picture perfect, but you can make it pretty
I wanted to make the space welcoming, comfortable and pretty. The pillows are from Zulily and were inexpensive...and a nice bonus they were also in our black and white bedroom color scheme. The  blanket is super soft and comes in handy during the chilly winter months, or when I want to take a nap when I'm done writing. 
I have a few prints- one of our engagement photos and one "love story" framed and hung above the lounge on one wall and on the other wall a fab mirror from Marshall's lightens up the space. 
I also have my motto hanging on the mirror as an awesome little reminder...Dream Big. 

dream big quotes

3. Make sure you can be productive 
The bedroom is a quiet place which helps me stay on track. I frequently also use my Studio Beats (in golddddd) to zone in and listen to music while I blog. I always have my planner handy and try to schedule as many posts ahead of time as I can. 
My cell phone has notes of posts in it too...whenever I get ideas I type them on my phone in the Notes app. I get ideas when I'm driving, when I wake up, when I'm at work and the closest thing at all times is my cell phone, and without it I would be lost blogging. 
The chaise lounge provides a comfortable and effective space that lets me get right to work when I'm in my sanctuary spot of the bedroom. 

home blogging spaces

I used to be jealous of big bright home offices, but at the end of the day I'm thankful for my blogging space and all that it allows me to do. I have created a space that has allowed me to open my mind and create, write, and dream. 

Where do you blog or create?


  1. The Sequin NotebookMarch 11, 2015 at 8:35 AM

    Since I live in a studio apartment, my "office" is my couch, haha...but I've made it work!

  2. I love that my laptop lets my office be anywhere, but I do wish that I could set aside a specific space for blog things. I feel like I could be more organized with an office space. you know?

  3. Sometimes I can work from the couch, but most of the time, I have to be sitting at a desk and wearing shoes to be productive. A table even works well for me! If I worked on that chaise lounge, I'd nap way too much. ;)

  4. If I'm not on the lounge I am on the couch ;) it sure is nice to nap afterwards, haha!

  5. I hear ya girl. It can be rough sometimes, but I love the flexibility too :) I love to take advantage of the outdoors in the summer, and often I blog from the deck. I love the laptop for that reason!

  6. Exactly, we make it work :) That's the great part about it!

  7. Learning what makes you productive is the hardest element. For example I cannot even be in my room (even if I'm not on the bed) all I want to do is lounge and sleep and countless other things that aren't work. I find I get distracted the least when I sit at a hard surface. The only downfall to not having an office is that sometimes other people invade "your space" and your plans on working go out the window.

  8. As comfy as it is to be sitting in my bed with my laptop - I HAVE to be sitting up right at a table in order to be productive with my writing!

    Also, where is your adorable note pad and phone case from? I love the sketches!

  9. All of these tips are so key. I do have a designated office but I honestly never use it. I prefer to be in the living room on my couch haha but I also know my limits in terms of when I need to be productive and just go in my office!

  10. Thanks Cassie, I often times can be found on my couch too ;)

  11. I hear ya, if I get too comfy I am DONE for Kerri! Brittany Fuson is amazing...her sketches are too cute, check her out!

  12. It's crazy Kati, but most times I need noise to be productive. It's like I am able to zone out when there's things, even if it's the TV or music happening in the background. If it's silent, I can't create. Thank you for reading!

  13. I love this, Emelia! I don't have a home office either. I am usually sitting in my recliner in the living room when my sons are asleep. :) I too would love to have a pretty desk with those cute little inspirational quotes. One day, maybe. :)

  14. Thank you so much Mia. I enjoy having a "different" space to create it, but day maybe we will get those bright pretty offices for ourselves! Thanks for reading :)