March 23, 2015


It's time for another round of Currently.... just in case you were wondering what I was up to.

Watching: Better Call Saul. Any BB fans out there? Chuck has watched all the Saul episodes, but I am way behind and am trying to catch up.

Waiting For: VEGAS! It's coming so soon and I can't even wait to see my girl Brit in concert.

Shopping: For Easter basket treats for all my littles. Easter is my FAVORITE, so I have to make it fun. This is what I have so far....

Wanting: To see the Cinderella movie. Chuck and Ethan aren't so fond of the idea...anyone up for a movie date?

Loving: New K-Cup flavors, Numi Chocolate Mint Tea & International Delight Cookie Creamer. Look at all this goodness...YUM!

Thankful For: A recent promotion at work, it couldn't have come at a better time. I'm really pleased that all my hard work has awarded me a new opportunity.

Working On: Organizing closets. It's that time of the year, spring cleaning! It's one pain in the butt of a task, but is so rewarding in the end.

Wondering: When it will be okay to put all of our deck furniture out. Snow is a possibility through April in these parts...yikes.

Wishing: For really warm temperatures. I'm craving a long walk along the lake without layers and gloves. Bring on the sunshine please.

I've been sticking to a Monday-Thursday blogging schedule and it's working well for me...are you a fan of this or not?
I'm excited for another week closer to spring, fun things, and new posts. Thank you for reading, and for your support.

What's something you're currently doing?


  1. I love Vegas, have so much fun!!

  2. I love currently posts! congratulations in the promotion! that's awesome. I'm also excited for Easter. I cannot believe it's almost here!.

  3. The Sequin NotebookMarch 23, 2015 at 9:38 AM

    Congrats on your promotion! I'm with you on the spring cleaning...I started tackling my kitchen cabinets yesterday, and the wardrobe will be next!

  4. I'd love an easter basket from you, thank you! Congrats on your promotion!

  5. First of all, congratulations on the promotion girl! Second of all COOKIE coffee creamer???!! SO jealous that you can find a bunch of yummy flavors.

  6. Love the Easter baskets, how fun! Congrats on the promotion, way to go!! I cleaned out and organized my dresser drawers this weekend and it felt amazing to be done with that! If we lived closer I would totally go see Cinderella with you! :)

  7. Thank you, making Easter baskets is my favorite! Thank you for the kind words on the promotion...and I am really wishing you lived closer, I would love to see Cinderella with you..and MEET YOU! haha...have a great week Julia!

  8. Thank you Chelsea, can you tell it's my favorite?!

  9. Thank you Kerri, I appreciate that so much :) Yes...I HAD to try it, the sweet cream one that's a Coldstone Creamery one is really good too!

  10. I would love to send all of you one...maybe one day when I'm making Oprah money :) Thank you for the kind words Nina!

  11. Thank you gals, so nice of you! ooooh, cabinets should be next on my list, thanks for the idea ;) XO! Enjoy your week!

  12. They're so easy, but a nice way to fill everyone in on a bunch of things at once! Thank you for the Congrats friend, I appreciate it. Easter is early this year, but I will TAKE IT....I love it!

  13. Thanks Cassie, I am over the moon excited for this trip...Vegas is one of my favorite places...and BRITNEY!