March 24, 2015

Baked Parmesan Tomatoes

It's getting to be that time of year where I crave fresh vegetables non-stop. I like to think of different ways to enjoy them and dishes to use them in.

These baked parmesan tomatoes can be enjoyed as a hearty side dish or as a snack. Either way, they are easy and delicious.

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You will need:
2 large tomatoes, halved
1 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 tablespoon garlic powder
Black pepper
1 oz. parmesan cheese
1 oz. asiago cheese
1 1/2 tablespoons Italian seasoning

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To prepare:
Preheat oven to 425 degrees
Slice tomatoes in half and place on a baking sheet
In a small bowl, stir garlic powder in to olive oil and brush mixture on tomatoes
Season with salt and pepper
Toss asiago and parmesan cheeses together and then distribute evenly over tomatoes
Sprinkle Italian seasoning over tomatoes to taste
Bake for 15-18 minutes until cheese is golden and tomatoes are tender
Serve warm

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What's your favorite vegetable to cook with?

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  1. Holy YUM!! I've recently become obsessed with tomato's and have always love all things cheese so I'll definitely have to try this at some point :)

  2. Lady these look AMAZING!!! And easy too! :) Definitely pinning for later, thanks for sharing!

  3. these look soooo good! I love tomatoes. I'll definitely have to try these.

  4. Oooo. I'm not a huge tomato person but I love tomato, pesto, and mozz sandwiches and these look super delicious!!

  5. I've never eaten tomatoes just by themselves but sprinkle on some cheese and now we're talking...looks like a yummy snack!

  6. Those look awesome! I often grill up a tomato with breakfast and it's honestly one of my favorite foods, but I've never thought of dressing it up. Gonna have to try this! Thanks for the tip!

  7. Thank you Carissa, they are SO tasty! I love enjoying tomatoes with breakfast when I eat out, but never think to do it myself...I will have to sometime.

  8. Yea, that sounds great! These were so easy and good Kristin!

  9. They are equally as good tasting as they are looking ;) Can't wait to hear what you think Melissa!

  10. Thank you for sharing Emily! Such a quick and tasty snack, or a compliment to a meal :)

  11. I can't wait to hear what you think...I LOVE me some tomato...and yes to the cheese, all the cheese Kerri ;)

  12. Alesha @ Full Time MamaMarch 28, 2015 at 8:50 PM

    My family would love this! They love tomato sandwiches, but this on a piece of toast would be amazing as well! Thank you for sharing with us at Delicious Dish Tuesday! <3

  13. Yes, tomato sandwiches are SO good Alesha. Thanks for reading :)

  14. OBSESSED with veggies on the grill and everywhere else :)