February 5, 2015

You Are Beautiful // Be Yourself

You have Instagram, right?! I mean, we all have Instagram. It fuels my shopping addiction, it lets me connect with people around the country, but you know what else it makes me compare. 
Beautiful women with long, perfectly curled hair. Entrepreneurs showcasing their cute new products. 

I start to question what exactly makes me beautiful. I remember 9th grade like it was yesterday. I had long, naturally curly hair and beautiful long lashes. I was thin, actually too thin, but it still wasn't enough. I look back at pictures of myself and see a naturally beautiful, happy young woman. I wonder where my insecurities came from or why I wasn't ever good enough for myself.

Fast forward several years later, and those insecurities still pop out now and again. I struggle with my weight, and always am wishing I was about 20 lbs thinner. But what happens when I do lose those 20 pounds? Will I be perfectly happy then? Probably not, because I wish my teeth were whiter and that my smile was perfect too. 

You have to wake up in the morning and look at yourself and remind that young woman inside of you that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. There's so many parts of you that no one else could ever have. 
I love my green eyes and enjoy getting compliments on them. I have my mom's nose, and that makes me smile. I enjoy my corny sense of humor, because I'm a goofball and I like it that way.

Coco Chanel was the epitome of beauty and class, and she sure knew what she was talking about. "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself." No one can be you, nor will they ever be. No one could rock your crazy curly hair or silly imperfect smile like you. 

You are beautiful. Please don't think differently. I struggle with the mirror daily and constantly find myself comparing. I need to remember that I am beautiful just the way I am now. 

I hope you remember this too, and see your beauty every single day. 

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You Are Beautiful


  1. This is great! I think the same things when I look at pictures of myself from high school, because I distinctly remember being painfully insecure and unsure of myself, thinking I was fat and plain and unattractive. I look at those pictures now and I'm like why did I ever think I was fat?? It's amazing how our perceptions can totally color how we see ourselves when we look in the mirror!

  2. Thank you Chelsea, that means a lot. XO!

  3. Thank you so much Julia. Isn't it crazy how hard we can be on ourselves at times?! It blows my mind...we all need the self love. XO!

  4. Iove this emelia!! J struggle so much too and am so glad we joined together to do this!!

  5. I am so happy we did too, amazing posts! XO!

  6. I really loved reading these posts. such an amazing link up! very similar to the one last year where the bloggers posted pictures w/o makeup. love that sort of thing. great way to promote inner beauty! :) will y'all be doing this linkup again?

  7. Thank you so much! That means a lot Melissa. I will have to look up your posts, because I didn't see them but would love to. Yes, Thursday's bi-weekly so please link up with us this Thursday! ️Xo!

  8. oh my post I was talking about was old... here's the link though: luckily I remembered when I wrote it. hahaha. I'll definitely have to link up with the next one! :D