February 25, 2015

#WCW My Woman Crush Wednesday

I'm not the only one with a girl crush, I know it. We all have those girls that we see and are like "Damn. She's beautiful." I remember my first girl crush. I was in high school watching MTV after school, and there was dancing on my screen...she was also in high school.

Britney freakin Spears. I loved her confidence, her dancing, and everything about her. Let's be real...I still do. But, she was my first girl crush, those "firsts" hold a special place in your heart.
When the whole Britney vs. Christina thing was going on, I pretty much wanted to take on every single person on the other side. No one compares to Britney, absolutely no one.

When Justin broke her heart and told Britney to cry her a river, I cried for her. She's a classic beauty and America's sweetheart. She will forever be my Woman Crush Wednesday.

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I mean look at those braids and babe.

Moving on to everyone's favorite cheerleader and spunky school girl, Kelly Kapowski. 
She had a smile that made me envy her and want to be her all at the same time. To this day I will stop what I'm doing and watch Saved By The Bell if it's on TV. Kelly is a serious stunner. 

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The side swept bangs that none of us could ever achieve, making a crewneck sweatshirt look like a sexy LBD...the girl has it goin on. 
Kelly you stole Zach's heart, and mine too. Forever ever my #WCW.

Last but not least, my modern day girl crush. I wish I could meet every single one of them, but I really think I would have a good time with this one. Chelsea Houska from Teen Mom. 

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She seems like a blast in a glass. Props to her for pretty much being a single mom, she's young but she hustles to provide for her daughter and herself. She's gorgeous and driven, I like that in a person. It looks like she has a good time no matter what she is doing, and those are my kind of people. Total babe, smiling through whatever is going on. Go girl!

That concludes my Woman Crush Wednesday spilling the secrets of my girl crushes. 

Do you have one?


  1. The Sequin NotebookFebruary 25, 2015 at 8:31 AM

    Britney is our forever girl crush, too - we love her!

  2. Yes to Kelly Kapowski! Seriously flawless, how did she make a sweatshirt look that good??

  3. She's my NUMBER ONE forever ever! Love your style Kasey ;)