February 6, 2015

January Favorites

When I read Becca's January Favorites post I really enjoyed it and am thanking her for today's post idea. I like recapping the month so much that I may have to make this a reoccurring theme here.


eos Berry Blossom Hand Lotion has been a new favorite. I was gifted this in one of my blogger Christmas exchanges and love how the lotion smells, feels, and how long it lasts.

I purchased a few Spongelle body buffer's for Christmas gifts and wanted to try one out for myself. The body wash is already in the sponge which would make it a great product to use when traveling. I have used mine for well over 14 washes and it still seems to have a good amount of body wash in the sponge. I like that the sponge is large and creates a good lather, and this scent is a really delicate and pleasant one.


Garlic Olive Oil Oven Baked Pasta Chips are SO good. I discovered them at a local convenience store and grabbed them to go with my lunch one day. Needless to say I then bought the 20 oz. bag on my lunch break from Amazon before I was done with the small bag in front of me.

Tic Tac holiday themed candies are always so good. I love the different mixes they come up with and anything strawberry is my JAM! Can't beat it when they usually last me a whole month and only cost $1!!


Pink On The Cheek has some really interesting and useful tips in her posts. Lauren includes a lot of variety from style posts with her Stitch Fix favorites to helpful ways to grow your blog. She is a great blogger full of knowledge.


I am a lover, especially a lover of gift giving. Every holiday is an excuse to share the love.
My favorite gift that was given to me lately is these awesome cupcake bandages from my friend Elisa. She gives some amazing gifts, and also got me a donut pool floatie I had been lusting it summer yet?!
The best part about these comes with a prize inside, a cupcake sticker!! I LOVE CUPCAKES!


Chuck and I have been watching Celebrity Apprentice and are enjoying this season of stars. I find it a little odd that I have such a dislike for Ian Ziering. I mean, he is not the same Steve I remember from 90210. Donald Trump is a little out there, but I respect the fact that he donates a bunch of money to charities close to these celebrities' hearts. You can't be mad at that type of kindness.


Bring Back The Spark In Your Relationship was my favorite for the month of January. I love when I get a post idea and it seems to really "speak" to people. 

Kallie from But First Coffee always has the BEST DIY which I love. Her Coconut Coffee Skin Scrub Bars sound really awesome and simple. I am looking forward to trying these real soon, my Northern winter skin could use some TLC.

Instagram Post

If you know me at all, you know my diehard obsession and love for Miss Britney Spears. One of my favorite things about her is that she is so cheesy. My favorite post was this one.

She's hilarious, and smart. Follow me here for more fun on Instagram. 

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What are your favorites lately? Any great things I should know about?


  1. I love shout outs on the blog! <3 & gift giving & your awesome blog posts & Britney Spears (le duh!). Have a fabulous Friday & an even better weekend!

  2. Umm Strawberry Tic Tacs?? I need these! And the pita chips sound amazing too! Can you tell I'm on a diet when I focus on the FOOD?? :) Have a wonderful weekend girl!

  3. Such a fun giveaway and i love your leapard print beenie! Have a great weekend pretty lady!

  4. I can't help but notice everything that is your favorite is pink. :) eos hand lotion is awesome!!

  5. Right...I just can't help myself Becca!

  6. Thanks so much Emily, you're so sweet! I hope your week is awesome friend, XO!

  7. hahah...all of the snacks ;) Thanks so much Julia :) Target has the Tic Tacs, always!

  8. yay, blog love for my big blog supporter ;) It was a perfect weekend, and I'm glad you were part of it! <3