February 26, 2015

In Seven Months

In seven months I will be on my way to becoming a Mrs. I will wake up with jitters because that's how I roll. My anxiety will get the best of me and I'll probably be sweating, because again, that's what I do.

photography by R. Frank Photography

In seven months I will put on a dress that makes me feel really beautiful and some awesome accessories (that I have yet to find), but that's my thing. Accessories are my thing, and they will be the perfect final touch.

In seven months I will walk down an aisle that I'm terrified I'm going to fall down. When we were choosing our venue the first thing I noticed is what seems to be an extremely long walk. I'll be the one that trips, because that's what I do.

In seven months I will stand by my best friends, and say "I Do" to my other best friend. It's okay, bring on  the "your husband can't be your best friend" comments, but he truly is my very best friend.

In seven months I will be wearing the heaviest of all waterproof mascara because I am extremely emotional and will be crying all of the happy tears.

In seven months I will celebrate the beauty, trust, bumps and glory, and love of our 7 year relationship with a wedding and becoming Mrs. Lawrence.

In seven months I will become the luckiest woman I've been dreaming of. Lucky enough to be my soulmate's wife.

The time is winding down and it all seems to be going so fast. All the words and advice are true. I am trying to soak it in, enjoy it all, not be stressed and make it exactly the way we have envision.

I can't wait for what's to come in seven months.

The countdown to 9.26.15 is on!!!!


  1. Aww, love this post, so sweet! Wow 7 months! Enjoy every second, such a fun and exciting time!! :)

  2. ahhhh congratulations! it will be here before you know it!!

  3. This is the sweetest post--you will be so glad you have this so you can remember all the feelings!

  4. SO SWEET! I cannot wait to see and hear about all of the details! love this! so exciting! PS: My bro in law is getting married on 9/6/15 so we'll be in Jersey. Sept is a GREAT month for weddings. My anniversary is 9/18 :)

  5. Awe thank you Melissa! September is a great month :) both my dad and grandfather, and soon to be father in law's birthdays are that month. My father in law's birthday is on the 26th and one of our groomsmen's is the 27th so we will have some surprises for them at the wedding ;)

  6. Thanks E! I can't wait to have my best girls by my side, it's going to be awesome! XO!

  7. Thank you so much Chelsea, I appreciate that! It will be fun to look back and see exactly what I was feeling and thinking and when things were happening. Thank you for reading!

  8. Thank you so much Julia! It's a wild ride...and I can't wait for the big day!