February 2, 2015

Go Your Own Way// Weekend Recap & A Giveaway

Happy Monday friends! I hope everyone had a fun weekend and isn't snowed in. I know I live in Erie, the snow capital of the world, but I am ready to see the green grass again. Man oh man.

The highlight of my weekend was the FLEETWOOD MAC concert on Saturday night in Buffalo, New York. Funny side note, my phone now automatically capitalizes FLEETWOOD MAC when I start to type it because I get so excited talking about them that it's how I always communicate in texts about my love for the band.

Fleetwood Mac Tour 2015
The whole gang together again!!

I cried tears of joy when I opened my Christmas present from Chuck, and Saturday night was seriously magical. I have an eclectic taste in music, I won't lie. My love of Fleetwood Mac began at a young age. My parents listened to their music at home and attended some of their shows.
My favorite memories are those of my Mom and I blasting their music on Saturday afternoons while we danced around the house cleaning and being crazy. Our favorite song was "Everywhere" and continues to make me cry every single time I hear it. My mom LOVED to dance, and was such a natural at it. Her energy filled the house and made me laugh. I close my eyes and hear the song and can see her dancing and singing to Fleetwood Mac.

2015 fleetwood mac
Jammin out!!

The First Niagara Center in Buffalo was so packed with people for the concert and I loved seeing people of all ages. The band reunited with Christine McVie late last year for the first time since 1997. They still sound absolutely amazing and played 20 songs and 2 encore's for a total of 24 songs...every second was incredible.
It blew my mind because unlike most of the concerts I go to there are so many breaks, slowing things down, extra acts, etc... Fleetwood Mac was straight music. Lindsey Buckingham, the lead guitarist left the stage for about 2 minutes total for the ENTIRE show. No breaks or anything...that seriously amazes me...such talent.

fleetwood buffalo
Lyndsey on guitar....amazing

One of my favorite parts of the show was when Stevie Nicks prefaced the performance of their song "Gypsy". She tells the story of her life prior to joining the band and how she got a phone call from Lyndsey asking her to come join a band, Fritz, he had just started playing with. She had no idea what she was getting in to, but then they began to get famous and she was making some good money playing with the group. Stevie wanted to go buy some new clothes so she could dress like Janis Joplin, who she opened for with this band, and other stars she adored. She drove in to LA and walked in to a well known store that had beautiful shirts and long flowy dresses. Stevie knew she didn't have enought money once for anything in the place once she took a look around. She said something magical happened that day though. She stood in this beautiful shop and looked around and had a premonition that something amazing was going to happen. She didn't know what it was going to be, but it was going to be big. Next thing you know, Fleetwood Mac was formed. The rest is history.
Stevie said "Never give up. If you have a dream do it. If something makes you happy, give it your all and keep at it." It was a beautiful moment and really spoke to me, since I live to Dream Big.

golddust lyrics fleetwood
Stevie Nicks, the Gypsy Goddess

As part of all things awesome to continue on from the weekend, you can enter my giveaway below to win GirlBoss and Blog, Inc. We all could use some inspiration from time to time. Good Luck and have an amazing week!

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  1. They're one of my favorite bands! Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Glad you had a great time! That's so sweet about the memory with your mother dancing to their music! Isn't it amazing how music brings back such strong memories and emotions? :)

  3. what a great story and concert! So glad you had a great time.


  5. Thank you so much Sarah, it was a dream come true. :) Thank you for reading!

  6. Mine too Lindsay, it was AWESOME! Thank you for reading :)

  7. Thank you Julia! Music is seriously an amazing thing....I love what it does for me :)

  8. Awe don't do that ;) It was absoutely amazing though...I still smile thinking about it a few days later :) Thanks Kasey!

  9. What a sweet Christmas gift from Chuck! I got some concert tix from my sister that I can't wait to use on Valentine's night. Sounds like an awesome weekend, girlie and wishing you warmer day ahead!

  10. He is so sweet, it was really a dream come true. Thanks Emily! I hope you enjoy your concert too :) Xo!

  11. It really was Lauren...such a great night! :)