February 27, 2015

February Favorites

I'm continuing with a newly made tradition of writing this type of post. I enjoy recapping things from the month and sharing some good stuff with all of you.

Favorite Post: Finding Your Place from Tay Meets Word. This post is SO incredibly beautiful. A must read.

Favorite Recipe: Chicken Parmesan Soup from Lauren of Say What You Need To Say. It looks so good, and not to mention Chicken Parm is one of my favorite dishes. This will be making it's way to my kitchen real soon.

Favorite DIY: Emily from Ember Grey knocked it out of the park with some DIY Bride & Groom Thank You Cards  and even more incredible is the sweet gesture and personalized details that came in to place. 

Favorite Products: After smelling and spraying this perfume on the daily at work I finally bought some for myself. If you've ever smelled Oribe products you know they are delicious. Bottle that heaven up in a perfume, and you've got yourself a winner. I absolutely LOVE this scent from Oribe...Cote d'Azur .

Sephora Citrus Brush Cleanser is life changing. No more Pinterest baby shampoo concoctions and laying out your brushes. One spray, wipe and go ... for a clean brush. Not to mention it smells so refreshing and is under $12! I highly recommend this product.

Favorite Moment: Receiving a suprise card in the mail from my friend Lauren of Lot 48. She seriously made my day and put a big smile on my face. I'm a huge fan of old-fashioned snail mail so it was really awesome.

Favorite New Drink: If you haven't tried it yet, run now and get the Tiramisu Latte from Starbucks It really is dessert in a cup. I treated myself during a Target run on my day off and really enjoyed it. It was a bit too much for something I could get daily, but then again, I shouldn't be drinking Starbucks daily. So there's that...

What are you loving for the month? 

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

February 26, 2015

In Seven Months

In seven months I will be on my way to becoming a Mrs. I will wake up with jitters because that's how I roll. My anxiety will get the best of me and I'll probably be sweating, because again, that's what I do.

photography by R. Frank Photography

In seven months I will put on a dress that makes me feel really beautiful and some awesome accessories (that I have yet to find), but that's my thing. Accessories are my thing, and they will be the perfect final touch.

In seven months I will walk down an aisle that I'm terrified I'm going to fall down. When we were choosing our venue the first thing I noticed is what seems to be an extremely long walk. I'll be the one that trips, because that's what I do.

In seven months I will stand by my best friends, and say "I Do" to my other best friend. It's okay, bring on  the "your husband can't be your best friend" comments, but he truly is my very best friend.

In seven months I will be wearing the heaviest of all waterproof mascara because I am extremely emotional and will be crying all of the happy tears.

In seven months I will celebrate the beauty, trust, bumps and glory, and love of our 7 year relationship with a wedding and becoming Mrs. Lawrence.

In seven months I will become the luckiest woman I've been dreaming of. Lucky enough to be my soulmate's wife.

The time is winding down and it all seems to be going so fast. All the words and advice are true. I am trying to soak it in, enjoy it all, not be stressed and make it exactly the way we have envision.

I can't wait for what's to come in seven months.

The countdown to 9.26.15 is on!!!!

February 25, 2015

#WCW My Woman Crush Wednesday

I'm not the only one with a girl crush, I know it. We all have those girls that we see and are like "Damn. She's beautiful." I remember my first girl crush. I was in high school watching MTV after school, and there was dancing on my screen...she was also in high school.

Britney freakin Spears. I loved her confidence, her dancing, and everything about her. Let's be real...I still do. But, she was my first girl crush, those "firsts" hold a special place in your heart.
When the whole Britney vs. Christina thing was going on, I pretty much wanted to take on every single person on the other side. No one compares to Britney, absolutely no one.

When Justin broke her heart and told Britney to cry her a river, I cried for her. She's a classic beauty and America's sweetheart. She will forever be my Woman Crush Wednesday.

image via

I mean look at those braids and babe.

Moving on to everyone's favorite cheerleader and spunky school girl, Kelly Kapowski. 
She had a smile that made me envy her and want to be her all at the same time. To this day I will stop what I'm doing and watch Saved By The Bell if it's on TV. Kelly is a serious stunner. 

image via
The side swept bangs that none of us could ever achieve, making a crewneck sweatshirt look like a sexy LBD...the girl has it goin on. 
Kelly you stole Zach's heart, and mine too. Forever ever my #WCW.

Last but not least, my modern day girl crush. I wish I could meet every single one of them, but I really think I would have a good time with this one. Chelsea Houska from Teen Mom. 

image via

She seems like a blast in a glass. Props to her for pretty much being a single mom, she's young but she hustles to provide for her daughter and herself. She's gorgeous and driven, I like that in a person. It looks like she has a good time no matter what she is doing, and those are my kind of people. Total babe, smiling through whatever is going on. Go girl!

That concludes my Woman Crush Wednesday spilling the secrets of my girl crushes. 

Do you have one?

February 24, 2015

Blogger Men Tell All // February

It's Chuck's favorite time of the month...we all know what that is, Blogger Men Tell All. Let's not waste any time....and also, for your viewing pleasure, my comments are in parentheses.

What is your favorite winter hobby?
(he thought long and hard about this answer)

I would say snowboarding, even though I haven't done it in a while. Ethan is getting to the age where he is interested and wanting to go so hopefully we can do that soon. Chuck said I can add in a witty comment that it will be snowing until August 4th, so he has plenty of time....

Did you do anything special for your blogger on February 14?
(a big smile came across his face...that makes me smile) 

I ordered her a dozen roses and chocolate covered strawberries to send to her at work. We went out for a romantic candlelight dinner at our yearly spot, one of our favorite steakhouses.

What's your favorite kind of candy?
My favorite kind of chocolate is Kit Kats. My favorite non-chocolate candy is red Sour Patch Kids.

Which Rom-Com would you choose to watch while you snuggle up with your Valentine?
(Without ANY hesitation)
Fever Pitch, bro. This is because I feel like Jimmy Fallon is my spirit animal and I enjoy there's some baseball in there to keep me from falling asleep.

Who, in your opinion, is the best U.S. President, ever?
( This scares me)
Bill Clinton. Easy. Slick Willy.

Linking up with Becca and Samantha for one of my favorite times of the month. Join the fun!

Becoming Adorrable

February 23, 2015

My Amazon Wishlist & $70 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

If there's anything I love more than browsing Pinterest, it's doing the same thing on Amazon. You can find absolutely EVERYTHING on Amazon, and if you're smart like me you can have it the very next day. It's pretty much an addiction at this point, but hey, at least I don't gamble.

My Amazon Wish List

In the past 3 months I have made over 20 necessary purchases. Gifts, groceries, beauty items and more. I'ts alllll available in just ONE click. Need some new K-Cups? Boom, got 'em. Need cute coffee stirrers with hearts on top for that coffee? Sure you do...they'll be here tomorrow thanks to Amazon Prime.

I am one of those people that wants to know everything about everyone, including what's in your purse, your make up bag, what you just bought at Target, and what's on your Amazon wish list.
My Amazon Wish List includes things all over the board, that's my favorite thing about the can get your hands on every single one of your desires.

My current Amazon Wish List includes the following:
A Thug Wife beanie
Cherry red Oakley sunglasses
A cupcake book from the girls at DC Cupcakes
Michael Kors Amber perfume
Umbrella lighting kit to take some better blog, anyone use these?

I also enjoy the Wish List because it allows me to add things and think about them. I don't regret making any of the purchases because I usually "sit on it" for at least a day or two. I have different lists for things I want for the house, beauty items, and gift ideas for other people. I'm an organizational freak so the categorizing and ability to see reviews on each item, my past purchases, and the ability to repurchase something without having to search all over is pretty awesome.

Now, on to the really good stuff. Is there something you have been wanting from Amazon? Some socks, a new eyelash curler, or even some tasty Pasta Chips? (yes, those things are in another list of mine)'s your chance to win $70 to spend on Amazon thanks to the beautiful bloggers below that I have teamed up with.

$70 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

PS...There's a few days left to get a coupon from Yoplait for their new Greek 100 Whips! They are SO good. You can get yours here.

Happy Monday lovely friends...enjoy your week!

February 20, 2015

I Have No Clever Title

Thank goodness it's Friday, because I have no clever title for this post.  It's one of those...this is what's on my mind type of days, mainly questions. So if you have the answers, I really hope you comment and help me figure out life.

Why do I always forget there's laundry in the washer when I'm about to head upstairs to bed?

Why does Chuck put laundry everywhere but inside the actual laundry basket?

Why can't my feet be warm without socks or slippers?

Why doesn't my Rio Glow candle from Bath and Body works transport me to a warmer place?
 I'm sorry if you're sick of hearing it...but it's literally 1 degree here today.

Why can't I watch TV at work? I'm way behind on my soap opera and I really want to catch up.

Why can't Erie have a magical grocery delivery service like other cities?

Lastly, why can't every day be giveaway day?

Well....almost every day can be. Today I'm excited to help Kathy from Him & Me Blog celebrate her Blogiversary with some fun prizes!!! You can enter to win until Tuesday via the links below.

Also, the winner of my coffee giveaway has been randomly chosen...was it you?!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Weekend Loves...I hope you all enjoy it!
February 19, 2015

You Are Beautiful // Love More. Judge Less.

Judging. It's hard not to do.

When you see someone or something...does your mind go to wonder what the situation is that got them there? Do you think that maybe they look like heck and  their hair isn't in place because it's been a crazy day and they almost ran out of gas and are running late? Or do you immediately think...what the hell is wrong with them?

I hate to admit, but I will. I used to be a negative, jealous and bitter person. I can't blame anyone but myself but I think it had something to do with life circumstances.
Let me explain....

It all started my senior year of high school. My mom was sick with cancer and moved back to Erie to be closer to her parents while she battled chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I was taken from everything I knew to this new place, with new people, and weird things. This sounds absolutely awful, but I was pissed off. I was mad my mom was dying, and I was mad this was happening to me.
I swear my outlook from then on out was just poor and sad.

Things happened in those years to come that made me feel some sort of way. I went to college pretty much unsure of what I wanted to do with my life. I almost failed one whole semester...all I wanted to do was believe my life wasn't real. I wasn't happy and I was spiraling out of control. I started to date a guy who didn't treat me all, and I continued to let it happen.
So what did I do? I was a bitch. I was mean to everyone who had something better than me...whether it was a nicer car, a better grade, or a sweet boyfriend.

About 7 years ago things changed. It didn't happen overnight, but I became a better person. I started a  job in a brand new field that I was extremely nervous about yet discovered I was really good at. I worked my butt off and was doing really well for myself. I was suddenly more outgoing and even got a second job waitressing and was a social butterfly hustling hard. I loved every second of it and it felt really good to be doing things I enjoyed and making things happen. I moved in to my own apartment, bought a new car and really started to feel like myself again.

One of my best friends at the time started getting in to things I wasn't a fan of and we started drifting apart. It was really sad because she had been by my side through a lot of really tough moments and was the first one there for all the good times. When it came down to it we just weren't on the same wavelength anymore and she started tearing me down. I remember the last time I spoke words to her "I wish you nothing but the best. You are unhappy right now and I hope one day you find your happiness again." I didn't bash her or take things out on her, I simply let her go.
I can't tell you how good it felt to stand my ground without being awful to someone.

Around this time I also started dating Chuck. I don't just say this because he's mine, but he is seriously one of the best humans I have ever met. Call this guy at 3 am and ask him to come pick you up in another country and he would hop out of bed and start driving without question. He did it then, and he continues to do it now...he brings out the best in me. Chuck is a postive person and I really believe he was sent to me by my mom.
I needed someone to help bring me back to life. Chuck didn't do it for me, but he was by my side.

I'm not a perfect person, but I am working on being a little better each day. I want to be someone that people want to be around and look to for a smile. Spreading love and sharing happiness are my new favorite things to do rather than passing judgement.

It can be hard in this fast-moving, high-tech, share it with everyone- world we live in to be yourself, and not judge others. If life isn't going the way you planned you may be quick to leash out and bring others down with you. It doesn't have to be that way.
Lift others up. Be supportive. Find your inner peace and share it with a friend.

You Are Beautiful. 
Thank you for always listening. I look forward to reading what you share in this week's link-up. Much love again to my friend Lauren from Lot 48 for embarking on this project with me.

You Are Beautiful

February 18, 2015

Being Crazy Is A Good Thing//HumpDay Confessions

It's been a while since I've shared the random thoughts in my brain. What's a blog without a little crazy here and there?!

Buzzfeed shared an article that Pizza Hut released a Pizza Inspired nail polish line. There's one thing I love just as much as pizza...and it just so happens to be nail polish. The 50 plus colors I have in my collection are all the justification I need to tell me that I HAVE TO HAVE THESE!! Call me crazy, but I'd rather paint my feelings rather than eat them.

pizza hut nail polish
image via

I should be motivated by my wedding dress to really buckle down and get fit, but nope, I'll leave that to a different dress I purchased. I think maybe small steps and goals are best for me. This dress I bought last night is perfect for my bridal baby steps it is.

I was watching Dance Moms last night and they sometimes show clips of the girls getting ready for their dance competition backstage in the dressing room. I swear I got jealous watching an 11 year old girl do her makeup. It looked 1000 times better than mine and the wings of her eyeliner were as perfect as angels. What gives?!

abby lee miller funny gif
image via

The Price Is Right is coming to Erie. Tickets are sold out, but still attainable. All my life I have wanted to be on a game show, but for some reason this one isn't calling me saying "You will win a brand new car, or even a mixer", so I'm wondering if I should even go. My dream is to be on Family Feud, so I may just hold out for that. When you have a feeling, you should just go with it.

I haven't had a manicure in over a week and I feel like less of a human. My work perks are real nice and it costs next to nothing to treat myself, but none of the appointments open lately have been working with my schedule. Life is tough guys.

My friend Elisa, (you know, Brit Spears' other BFF) had a brilliant idea that we watch Britney Jean, Britney Live From Las Vegas, and Britney music videos to get pumped up for our upcoming trip in April. I now have this vision of us walking along the strip in Vegas dancing like Britney in her videos and our grand finale is the night of her show. We will be so good that she will pull us on stage to join her.
I'm a dreamer...I know, but if you're gonna do it BIG.

britney spears bff
image via

Happy HumpDay friends...I hope you're having a great week!!
Don't forget to enter the 2 giveaways going on right now ((links below))

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February 17, 2015

Why I Love Pittsburgh

Today I'm joining Amanda and Cassie  to tell you about my town, and what I would do on a blate, for those of us that had to look that one up...((newbie blogger here))...that's a blogger date. 

duquesne incline view

Although I currently live in Erie and was born here, I grew up in Pittsburgh and my heart still belongs there. There's something about that city that gets me insanely excited the minute I go through the Fort Pitt Tunnels and come out the other side to the buildings, stadiums and the rivers. Every. Single. Time. is like the first me crazy but it makes me mega happy.

The first thing I would do is take you on a little trip up the Duquesne Incline. Not only is the ride fun, but the view from the top is amazing. You can see ALL of the city. From the bridges and buildings to PNC Park and Heinz Field and absolutely everything in between.

The views and photo opportunities are nothing to mess with. If you're a blogger, you KNOW you will need some fabulous pictures.

pittsburgh incline

Next, we would need lunch. Where else would we head other than the classic Pittsburgh spot, Primanti Brothers?! My number one pick of the menu is the bacon and cheese...with the additions below of course.

places to eat in pittsburgh
image via 

Not a fan of coleslaw and french fries on your sandwich? I find that crazy, but okay...we can head to Jerome Bettis Grille. My favorite Steeler has his own restaurant, and the food is pretty good. With a beautiful view of what we call the North Shore and a Bus's MVP ((Malibu Mango, Three Olives Vanilla, pineapple juice, grenadine & a sugared rim))  to sip on I would say that's a pretty perfect afternoon. 

I would hope to heck that it's Game Day in Pittsburgh because we NEED to hit up a Pirates game. If you don't like baseball, I would say that's not a problem, because the second best views of the city come from any seat inside PNC Park.  

baseball pittsburgh pa

I mean look at that view, Hello Beautiful...I'm talking to you. Pittsburgh, you steal my heart each time I root on the Buccos. Sunshine, a cold drink, some nachos...I'm in. Oh, and more photo ops?! Yep, that sounds like a perfect blogger afternoon to me. 

To end the night, I would take you to Olive or Twist, which is a short walk from PNC Park across the Clemente bridge. Hands down the best martini's in the area, I mean, did someone say Cake Batter Martini...and yes, there's sprinkles loaded in the bottom. Located in the heart of the Cultural District our walk to the location would let us pass by the beautiful Renaissance Hotel and the Byham Theater. 

martini's pittsburgh pa

I love Pittsburgh for it's energy, it's views, it's beauty, and it's love for all things Pirates, Steelers and Penguins. Black and gold baby!!!

What would you most want to see or do in the 412?!

Notes from a Newlywed

February 16, 2015

Weekends Are My Favorite & So Are Cash Giveaways

Since I had a hectic few weeks, and I couldn't resist sharing all the fun that was had today is a whole bunch of random.

One week after Fleetwood Mac, Chuck and I, along with his mom and stepdad went to see Garth Brooks in Pittsburgh. I'm not a huge country fan, but I knew almost every song and didn't ever know they were his music. Garth Brooks is to Chuck what Fleetwood Mac is for it was a great time. Garth celebrated his 53rd birthday that evening with us, and let us know that he chose Pittsburgh for that weekend on purpose.

garth brooks pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is everyone's favorite city, right?! :) Coach Tomlin came out with Trisha Yearwood (Garth's wife) to sing Happy Birthday and the keyboard player wore a Jerome Bettis jersey all night. It was seriously awesome to see all the black and gold energy and love.

The next day my dad and stepmom came up to visit and we got to enjoy a nice lunch at a local brewery. I didn't get a picture because I forgot the selfie stick at home. I need a blogging bag to bring along with me when I leave the house.

Another awesome thing happened...and I GOT MY WEDDING DRESS!! I can't believe how much different I felt after I got the dress. Everyone said it would feel more real, and they were right. I can't really explain it, but it was great. Now I can't wait to find...THE SHOES!!

wedding dresses erie pa
With 2 of my bridesmaids, Elisa, Jess and my stepmom Tina
This weekend was more laid back, but still filled with fun. Chuck and I got to be part of the BEST SURPRISE EVER when my girl Elisa got her Valentine's Day gift. 

About a month ago we were asked to travel with Elisa and her other half to Las Vegas to see Britney Spears, and who says no to that?! So I had to keep this inside when I was wanting to burst, but it was all worth it.
A scavenger hunt led Elisa to find clues which led her to different places, with the final destination being our place. Elisa opened her gift to reveal plane tickets, a hotel reservation, and BRITNEY concert tickets. It was so fun getting to celebrate with Elisa and finally reveal the suprise and the excitement that we are going to see our BFF in VEGAS!

This means that from now until April, snapchats like this will be a regular thing....

britney valentines day
Yes, I taped pictures of Britney to heart balloons...obviously!!

Valentine's Day was celebrated at our annual dinner spot, Crowley's which has become a tradition for the past 4 years. They always have a really good special menu for the evening which includes some French Onion soup and Chocolate Cherry Martini's...can't hate that.

Chuck sent me flowers and strawberries to work and they came in two seperate deliveries which made the surprises really fun, and so sweet. Some people may hate those things, but I love flowers and chocolate so I was a happy girl.

These upcoming weekends are going to be no comparison to the past few, but I need some time relaxing. It's been an amazing few weeks full of fun and permanent smiles.

I hope you all have a great week. Stay warm and safe -- ('s -18 here today, so just when you think you MAY be having a bad day) and enter this giveaway before you go.
Some beautiful bloggers & I have teamed up to offer you a chance to win $175 PayPal Cash.

A friendly reminder to enter my blog name in the first mandatory entry. Good Luck!

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Bella And The City
February 13, 2015

DIY: Sealed With A Kiss Picture Frame

When I saw this post from Kallie at But First, Coffee a while back I immediately pinned it to save for a cute present for Chuck. I wanted to give him something I made this year for Valentine's Day in addition to some surprises I have up my sleeve.

valentine's day gifts

I did a little twist on Kallie's orginal DIY and made my kisses on a mat photo frame and printed a picture of Chuck and I inside. This is a very inexpensive and super sweet gift for any time of the year.

Total cost: $5.11
Total time: approximately 10 minutes

easy valentine's gifts

picture frame with included mat border
lipstick ( I chose 3-4 shades)
make up remover wipe
scrap sheet of paper
printed picture

Step 1: Apply lipstick and get to kissin on your scrap piece of paper. This is your chance to see how your lips look the best. Puckered together, pouty lipped or soft and sweet...test away!

Step 2: Plan how you want your kisses to be aligned on the mat. Whether turned sideways, layered on top of one another, or classic and straight.

Step 3: It's time for the real deal. Apply your first shade of lipstick and plant some kisses.

Step 4: Wipe away any excess lipstick with your make up remover and re-apply new shade.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 3 & 4 until your mat of the frame is covered.

diy pinterest valentine's gifts

I don't know who wouldn't want your kisses on display all day errryyyydayyy, so this makes a great gift any time of the year.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend filled with chocolate, steaks, butt pinches, or whatever else floats your lover's day boat.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway below & have a blast this weekend...

Venus Trapped in Mars

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February 12, 2015

DIY Coffee Lip Scrub & Giveaway

Coffee, we all need it, right? ...or is that only me? I don't know how I ever lived without it, but I don't want to go back to those days. Pump it through my veins and don't ever let me go without it.

Another thing I love is a simple DIY. Lip scrubs are easy and excellent and especially great for these winter months. Our skin and body can use all the TLC it can get during these colder days. Today I have a DIY Coffee Lip Scrub for Rebekah's readers to try.

You will need:
1 teaspoon honey
1 teaspoon olive oil
2 tsp coffee grounds

diy scrub

Mix ingredients together in a bowl thoroughly
Apply to lips
Scrub for 30 seconds

pinterest lip scrub
Voila...smooth lips!!!

Coffee not only tastes delicious, but is good for the skin and lips as a gentle exfoliant.
Not only do I share my love of DIY projects, but I also have a giveaway for you to enter.

How does a $15 Starbucks gift card, Valentine's Starbucks notebook and a cute coffee mug sound for a fun Valentine's Day gift?!

coffee giveaway

Enter via the Rafflecopter below. Good Luck & Happy DIY'ing!

For more easy to make scrubs you can visit this post here and this one too.

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February 9, 2015

Delicious Desserts with Yoplait Greek 100 Whips!

When I think of the perfect snack or dessert, cupcakes immediately come to mind. It's no secret that I am obsessed with cupcakes, but eating them every day will not help me get fit. This is where Yoplait Greek 100 Whips Yogurt Mousse! comes in.

yoplait greek 100 whips

With flavors like Vanilla Cupcake, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Lemon Meringue dessert is served in a healthy way all in one cup. Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! are only 100 calories, have 0% fat  and serve up 9 grams of protein. That's a dessert I can get down with.

I tried a few of the 8 flavors that Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! offer and created my own delicious desserts in a matter of minutes. No baking, complex ingredients, no crazy mess in the kitchen. I love easy and tasty, especially when it's low in fat and healthy.

I tried the Vanilla Cupcake (obviously) and Strawberry Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! and used toppings I had at home to make some simple desserts. I chose granola and raspberries to pair with the Strawberry and sprinkles, chocolate chips and mini vanilla wafer cookies to go with the Vanilla Cupcake.

yoplait greek 100

yoplait recipe

Another thing I love about Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! is all the combinations you can make. I am already thinking about new creations. I would pair some pineapple and chocolate syrup with the Tropical flavor and some crushed graham crackers on top of the Lemon Meringue.

Want to make your own fun with Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! and create delicious desserts?  Visit this link for more amazing recipes and get a coupon for $1.00 off 5 cups of any variety Yoplait Greek, Yoplait Greek 100, or Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! yogurt here.

Today's post is sponsored by Yoplait, but my love for their Greek 100 Whips yogurt option is all my own.

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