January 23, 2015

Why The Internet Is Awesome

The internet is an awesome place.
I'm not going to waste your time telling you about things you already know or didn't need told. (I truly believe Google has saved my life 2,324,982 times).

If  you have never used the app Vine...I'm sorry. It is old news, but the videos are still relevant (to making you laugh when you most need it). Seriously, if you're having a bad day I highly suggest heading to Vine immediately.
Vine is a place where people can post short videos or clips no longer than six, technically 6.5 seconds. The videos play on a loop until you stop them to go watch another awesome one.

Now introducing...a few reasons why I laugh until I cry a few times a week sitting alone on the couch:

This adorable boy trying to give a shout-out to his Mama...and she quickly corrects him on the lyrics. Poor kid! If I were him I would probably throw a fit like this next girl.

At least she has it all figured out. Who doesn't want a nap after a rough day?!

And then there's that feeling you get when you have a fresh new pair of shoes

Uncle Jesse ANDDDD Urkel...YES!
And last but not least....because this is most of us, most days....well at least me-that's for sure.

She's honest. I respect that.

I love the internet.

Ever use Vine? What's your favorite vine? 


  1. oh that upset little toddler who just wants to take a nap right here, that's me 100% of the time.

  2. YES! Naps! and pizza~ haha...hope you had a great weekend Kasey!