January 5, 2015

Weekend Recap

I hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year.

I had a quick, but really fun weekend. Friday night I got some things done for this little blog of mine. I compiled a list of what I need to do monthly to reach my goals for the year.  I looked in to getting a trial of Pic Monkey Royale and then realized it's only $33 for a year of the service, so it was a no brainer to just go ahead and purchase it. I want to play around with pictures to work on my editing, even if it's basics to make this space look better for all of you.

We played some Scrabble Friday night too, which was a lot of fun. I love board games, and it was so nice to have some quiet time. The TV was off, the phones were put away...except for when I snapped this picture  ... and we had some classic family fun.

Saturday after work we went to a newer Asian restaurant and enjoyed a nice dinner out together. I like doing this once a month. It's fun to treat ourselves and have some fun outside of the house.

Sunday we had to go pick up something in Buffalo, New York so Chuck and I made a day date out of it. After our stop we headed to an outlet mall where I got a beatiful new Kate Spade bag for only $34! I had received a nice gift card for Christmas from a friend, and the outlet had all bags for 60% off, so I got a huge deal. Since Niagara Falls wasn't far away, we took the drive across the border for lunch. We walked around for a while, went to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch, made a stop to win some money at the Casino and then headed home. It was SUCH a fun day. We had no set plan, no time restrictions, and nothing to worry about. We laughed, we spent some good quality time together, and I fell more in love with Chuck.
He makes me laugh at just about everything, drives me to outlet malls to find a Kate Spade store, and loves the simple things in life.

All it takes is a little time to rekindle the spark in your relationship, more on that in tomorrow's post.

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Happy Monday friends!


  1. Girl I wanna see a pic of your new handbag!! Love Kate Spade.

    I love playing Scrabble. I'm playing it on the iPhone (Words with Friends) and I'm losing! ugh.

    Seems like you had an awesome weekend! xo

  2. Ooo, Kate Spade, must see this new handbag!! How awesome that you got some quality time with your honey, it really does make a world of difference, doesn't it? I love days like that with no agenda, where you can just do whatever you want and enjoy each other!

  3. I'll have to show it off soon! It was a perfect day! :)

  4. I'll post it soon girl. Kate is my new favorite!
    It was an amazing weekend :)

  5. Thank you so much! Thanks for reading!

  6. Beautiful photos! Love Kate Spade!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire