January 12, 2015

Travel Essentials // Kindle Fire Giveaway

Happy Monday friends! I hope your weekend was long, enjoyable, and full of things you love. I am really excited to share my favorite travel essentials with you today. 
With the start of a fresh year comes new adventures, places to see, and tons of things to do. Traveling can be crazy, so it's important to be comfortable and have things to keep you calm and happy.

Perfect Travel Essentials

I think the most important thing is to have the "I'm comfortable, but don't look like I just rolled out of bed" outfit. Throw on a long cardigan, leggings, wedges that feel like slippers, and a cupcake're jet set ready!

Looking to unwind on your trip? Be sure to have some headphones, a big cup of coffee, and a cute notebook for all your thoughts. 
Now...for my #1 on the list: the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7. Perfect for watching movies, reading books, and playing games...all of which I love to do when I'm in the air or in the car. It's lightweight enough to carry in your purse and packs all the must have features in one device. 

We're giving away a Kindle Fire HD 7 along with a $50 Amazon gift card to one lucky winner! Enter via the link below to win one of my favorite travel essentials.


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What's your must have travel item?
Good Luck friends!


  1. Oh yes, I must have my Kindle on trips! It's either that or a stack of 5 actual books, and I think my husband prefers the Kindle! ;) Love those booties, the outfit you described sounds perfect for travel!

  2. That cupcake beanie is beyond perfect for you! & I can't airplane travel without headphones! Those gold Beats are everything.

  3. I have it in Red Velvet ;) hehe. and YESSSS for Beats. GOOD LUCK friend!

  4. Yes, these devices are KEY when traveling! I love a cute cozy outfit!

  5. Didn't you snapchat that hat once?

  6. haha...I probably have since I'm OBSESSED with cupcakes. I have the hat in "red velvet" ;)