January 22, 2015

Life Currently

Happy Thursday friends! I can't believe how fast the week is flying...sometimes that's both good and bad. Today I'm sharing another round of what's currently happening in my life.

Let's begin....


Watching: Dance Moms. Even though I said a few years ago that I would never watch it. I love to see flashes of PITTSBURGH on TV, and it makes me laugh.

Wishing: I was rid of this migraine. I didn't drink coffee today and this is the result. I wish that a lack of caffeine didn't have this effect on me, but I guess my addiction is a little justified. 

Craving: Olive Garden salad. Good thing that craving is getting satisfied tonight when we go out to celebrate my soon to be sister-in-law's birthday. Yessss!

Reading: Not a thing, except my usual blogs. I need a new book to read. I have a few in mind, but need to download them on my iPad.

Needing: A pedicure. I wish these places were open at 10 pm when I actually have the time for one.

Wondering: If you entered my giveaway, who doesn't want jewelry and Starbucks?

Listening To: Lil Wayne's new album, Sorry 4 The Wait 2. I love me some Weezy.

Looking Forward To: Dinner with my family, and doing some relaxing this weekend. I plan to hopefully write and schedule some blog posts so I don't feel overwhelmed during the week. Here's hoping...

What's everyone up to this weekend? Any fun plans?


  1. I suffer from migraines so I hope you feel better ASAP!

  2. Olive Garden's salad is the BEST!

  3. I feel the same way. If I don't get posts scheduled up on the weekends, I can't seem to keep up during the week. This week being a prime example! Hope you get some R&R this weekend.

  4. I love Olive Garden's salad!! I also need a pedicure badly. Don't even get me started on trying to schedule in posts because those are so hard to do sometimes!!

    Have fun with your family! I might go on a date and going to a bday party on Sat :)

  5. I love Olive Garden Salad and was so excited to find their dressing at SAMs in a light version! I'm trying to put off the pedicure and wear all of my close toed shoes while it's "cold" lol. Have fun at the birthday dinner and with the fam this weekend!

  6. OG salad is the bomb. I've tried buying the salad dressing but I can't seem to make my salads as good at home. Plus, breadsticks.

  7. I bought it too, just isn't the same ;) Yes, all of them.

  8. It's THE best. I love a good pedicure in the winter, it's my favorite way to relax! Thanks so much Heather, have a wonderful weekend!

  9. It is SO good...nothing compares.
    Thanks so much was a wonderful night!
    Enjoy your fun on Saturday, XO!

  10. We all need some time to unwind, but I want to get back on schedule, it can sure be tough! Thanks so much Emily, looking forward to the weekend...and I hope you enjoy yours also!

  11. YES, ALL OF IT! SO good...hehehe, I ate way too much tonight!
    I woke up feeling a lot better, thank you so much Julia!

  12. YOU KNOW IT girl ;) Have a great weekend Chelsea!

  13. Thank you so much Kenya. I woke up feeling so much better this morning! :)

  14. Those dance mom b's shop at RP all the time.

  15. I bet they do...those ladies are cray. Some of them need your fashion assistance ;)