January 26, 2015

It's Going To Be A Good Week

I am really looking forward to this week. When your weekend is awesome, your week is bound to be even better.

Friday night we went to Ethan's school for Movie Night. Every few months they show a movie that has already been to the theaters, but it's still fun to go so he can hang out with his buddies and have some fun. Everyone brings chairs and blankets and lounges in the gym. There's cheap snacks and family fun baskets they raffle off. We saw The Lego Movie  and it was just as funny was the first time we saw it.

Saturday night was a blast. We went to a newer place called Cloud 9 Wine Bar to celebrate one of my best friend's birthdays, (Hi Elisa)!! Elisa's plan was to enjoy a few cocktails and some cheesecake. Chuck & I hadn't eaten dinner so we got a few munchies. I opted for the maccaroni and cheese bites, and Chuck enjoyed some BBQ poutine. He gets some form of poutine every time we go to Canada, so it was kinda cool to enjoy some in Erie.

roadtrips to canada
stolen snapchat backseat selfie courtesy of the fun birthday girl

We had a few drinks and were deciding where the rest of the night was going to take us when we realized we all had our passports and should head to Canada since the night was young. Unfortunately, true to Erie nature, the Mother of all Nature changed our plans. It was a sheet of ice and we made the choice after 30 minutes on the road not making it far driving that we should stay in Erie. We headed to the casino and continued to celebrate.

Chuck won $350, the birthday girl had her fun playing Super Jackpot Party, and my babe showed Elisa's friend who was in town visiting how to master the slots.

cloud 9 erie pa

I vote that my friends have birthdays every. single. weekend.

In other great news here's a few other things.

I am going to see FLEETWOOD MAC on Saturday night in Buffalo. Yay for awesome Christmas presents!

Chelsea featured me on her beautiful blog this weekend, you can read it here.

Some experimenting is going down this week with a DIY and a new look for those upcoming posts.

A blogger friend and I have a project in the works that will be announced soon, and I am REALLY excited about it.

We have a WINNER from the Fancy Fun Giveaway: check it out here to see if it's you!

Showered With Design
Linking up with Bella and Lisa for Weekend Recap.

What did you do this weekend? Anything fun planned for the week?


  1. What a fun weekend! Looking forward to seeing the DIY and recipe!

  2. Eeeeeee!! So much fun and so exciting to see my face on the blog! :) I had a great birthday, thank you & Chuck for making it special by coming out to celebrate! (Insert dancing girl emojis here, lots of them!)

  3. Oo can't wait to hear about the collaboration with your bloggy friend! Looks like you had a fab weekend! I celebrated a birthday too, but not with cocktails, just pizza and bowling! Haha!

  4. my jealousy about the fact that you are seeing Fleetwood Mac is indescribable. I have no words

  5. I'll take plenty of pictures for you Lauren :)

  6. I LOVE pizza...and bowling, even though I'm awful at it! Sounds like a fun weekend for you also Katie!

  7. dance dance dance, like Elisa at the casino! At least I didn't post any videos ;) haha, it was SO MUCH fun!

  8. It was really great :) I hope you enjoy what's to come Julia! Congrats on winning the giveaway ;)

  9. Did I read that correctly??? Peanut butter with chocolate and bacon???? Sign me up!

  10. Hahaha I totally didn't even click on the link yesterday to see who won, so I'm glad you emailed me!! :D Thanks again!!!

  11. It was AMAZING Amanda...I need more ;)