January 7, 2015

HumpDay Confessions

HumpDay Confessions is baaaaack, thanks to Melissa. Thanks girl for giving us the ability to let it all out once a week and making it acceptable to do so.

Making Melissa

I confess that I am SO OVER my hair. I got a little over 3 inches cut off a few weeks before Christmas and it really needed it. One would think it would make my life easier, but when you have super crazy curly hair and you cut it this much shorter, this beast does NOT want to be tamed. Straightening my hair has actually taken longer most days. I am so anxious for my hair to grow out again!

I confess my desire to become a greeting card writer for Hallmark. I have SO many ideas, suggestions, witty one liners, and sappy notes for their brand. Anyone have a friend at Hallmark? I'm secretly dying to making friends with all the middle aged women at my local shop just to find out some information and work my way to the top.

I confess that I got totally irritated at work yesterday when a coworker asked the date of my wedding and then proceeded to say why she isn't having a wedding. "Too much money all for one day", "you could be using all that money for something actually important"...etc, etc... I smiled kindly and let her know that everyone has their own way when I really wanted to say "mind your business girlfriend!"

I confess that I lack a little in the common sense department. Last night I was filling the dishwasher and when it came time to put in the soap my hands were full with other things so I attempted to open the bottle with my teeth. I then had Clorox for dinner, so that was awesome. I don't always make the best decisions.

I'm off to make a better meal than diswasher gel. What's new in your world friends?


  1. Oh I totally understand you on the wedding talk! I hate when people feel the need to tell me why they spent so much money on their wedding or why they spent so little or why they didn't!

  2. ewwww clorok. but i've totally done that before and then panicked cause i thought i was poisoned and was going to die.

  3. LOL, Clorox dishwashing gel for dinner, yum! ;) That sounds like something I would do, I'm always trying to do too much or carry too much at once and usually end up making a mess or dropping something.

  4. There's nothing worse than putting your fingers in your mouth and realizing there's still soap on them!

  5. The girl who dissed weddings... keep your opinion to yourself. I don't know why people have to voice their personal thoughts on things that are none of their business!