January 6, 2015

Bring Back The Spark In Your Relationship

Sometimes during the course of your love life you may find yourself walking through the day to day steps. You wake up, kiss good morning, end phone calls with an "I Love You", hug when you come home from work, and do it all again the next day.

Life gets so busy that you forget to take time to be IN love, and focus on your significant other. Here are a few easy ways to bring back the spark in your relationship.

Go on a day date
This weekend we spent a day taking a spontaneous roadtrip after an errand to Niagara Falls. No time restrictions, no obligations, just the two of us. We held hands, we laughed, we kissed...we enjoyed just the two of us. It was the absolute best day we both had in a long time. Sometimes we feel guilty if we have Ethan on the weekends to do something with just Chuck and I. Take the time to love your partner.

Leave a love note or a sweet card
I love a good Hallmark card. They know how to say exactly what I'm thinking. Sometimes I buy Chuck cards just to remind him that I truly appreciate everything he does for me. I want him to know that even though our lives are hectic and I say "I Love You" 80 times a day, I am thinking other things and cherish his love. If he's lucky, I throw in a Chipotle gift card for him to get some lunch.

Turn the technology off and do something different
We recently had a family game night with no TV on in the background, no one playing on an iPad, nobody buried in their cell phones...and it was SO much fun. Games don't always have to involve children.
Play a board game, play cards...act like kids...but have  your adult time.

Gift your lover a "Datevitation" book
One of Chuck's Christmas presents was this awesome gift book I found online. Datevitation let's you customize a book with about any date imaginable, complete with pictures you can upload for your faces, and other cute personal touches.
I have always wanted to take a cooking class, and that was one of the options to insert in the book. I included a bowling date, a "recreate our first date", and one of our favorite activities- a couples' massage.
With Valentine's Day coming up, it's the perfect unique gift. Some of the ideas on the website actually inspired me to do a few new things that I have up my sleeve for the future.

date ideas

You don't need a lavish vacation, a million bucks, or a therapist to bring back the spark in your relationship. Take some time. Enjoy the presence of just the two of you. Laugh, explore, play, and most 

What are your favorite things to do with your significant other?


  1. I want to read this but I am transfixed by your beanie and where you got it.

  2. I love the date book Mills!!! Soooo cute and personal!

  3. Such good advice! David and I seriously need to work on turning off the technology and really being present.

  4. Great tips! Last year we started setting aside one Saturday a month where we did a little day trip, somewhere out of town but not too far (so we don't have to spend a lot on gas and hotels) and it's such an awesome time to connect! Definitely continuing that this year!

  5. Hahah I was thinking the exact same thing! And whatever lipstick she is rocking!!

  6. That's an awesome idea! Roadtrips are SO much fun! Thanks for reading Julia :)

  7. Thank you Rebekah! Turning off the phones and TV is SO nice sometimes.

  8. Thanks Jamie! It was one of my favorite gifts to give!

  9. haha..thanks Nina, it's from Nordstrom ;)

  10. awe thanks's a NARS lip pencil in "Never Say Never"

  11. Those day dates are so important... They don't have the baggage of a whole work day on them!

  12. That is a perfect way of putting in to words what I think. Day dates change everything!