January 27, 2015

Blogger Men Tell All// January 2015

You know what it is, Chuck's favorite time of the month. Apparently his friends too..."Your best posts are where you ask Chuck questions" they say. Well, let's get to bringing you the best post of the month.

What is your favorite memory with your blogger?

My favorite memory is a trip we took to Illinois. We drove to a small town outside of Chicago for our friends' wedding and it was an adventure. It was like we were in a different world in the middle of nowhere with some of our closest friends. The resort where the wedding was held was one of the nicest places and it was a really good weekend.

What is her best quality?

I like that she is down for whatever. When I have ideas, even terrible ones, it doesn't take her a whole lot to go along with it. We can wake up one morning in Erie and end up in Canada or somewhere crazy by the afternoon.

What is something you two enjoy doing together?

Enjoying summer. We take advantage of where we live. We love fireworks, the amusement park, walks at the peninsula, and eating at a local old school diner. All those things mean a little more when it's 13 degrees like today.

What is your favorite post of hers that she has ever written?

All the ones about me. Every single one. People love them the most, and they get the most attention on the blog. It makes Emelia a happier person and that's all the much better.

How much time do you think your blogger puts in to blogging each week? What are you normally up to while she's blogging?

She probably puts about 20 hours in to her blog per week. You can generally find me on PlayStation, going through my football cards or hanging out with my favorite son.

One thing you can always count on with Chuck is his honesty, and of course his willingness to participate in these posts.

Becoming Adorrable


  1. I love his honesty about his favorite posts!

  2. Hahaha, love his response to his favorite posts! And love what he said about your best quality!

  3. Hahahah "they love all the posts about me" hahaha so funny!

  4. Great answers and I love that you two like to be spontaneous sometimes!

  5. oh he's something...that's my guy ;) Thanks for reading Whitney!

  6. He's TOO much...aren't they all though? HAHA ;)

  7. One thing you can always count on from Chuck is his honesty, I love it! Thanks for reading Ashley!

  8. Chuck is quite the character ;) until we sat down and really thought about it we didn't realize how spontaeous we are...haha. Thanks Emily!

  9. Chuck is getting a lot of validation from your blog. :) Thanks for linking up!