Dream Big & Buy The Shoes: August 2014

August 28, 2014

Happy Peace of My Heart

I'm not quite sure how I should start this post. I have 9,384  thoughts running through my head, which is odd for this time of the night. Normally I'm pretty exhuasted from my day to think about anything much other than what I forgot to do or didn't have time to do all day.

Tonight was spent celebrating Ethan becoming a fifth grader next week. Chuck, Ethan, Ethan's mom and I went to Open House at his elementary school and then surprised him for a night of fun at Chuck E. Cheese and one of his favorite restuarants, T.G.I. Friday's.

This may seem like no big deal to most people, and tonight for me, it wasn't. If you were to ask me a few years ago if I would ever want to be in the same room with all of us together...I would laugh. I would probably roll my eyes and let out a snicker and think of all the things I may rather want to do with my Thursday night.

When you become a stepmom (soon to be) or.... dad's girlfriend for 7 years, things happen you never thought possible. I have watched a child, who isn't mine grow in to the most intelligent and kind hearted young man. I have cried when I had to miss a school activity because of work. I have fought with my fiancee as to why his son doesn't always respect me. I have been able to learn how life goes to care for a child day in and day out. There has been some blood, sweat, and certainly tears down my road.
Along with a stepson, comes his mom. Ethan's mom and I haven't always got along and it came to a point that I wasn't sure if we ever would. I am not going to share details of our relationship, because it doesn't matter. There was a rocky road, moments where a "hello" was all that was muttered, and thankfully years later it has turned in to a friendship.

I honestly believe it took growing to love myself more before I could care for her and reach a level of respect for the woman who is Ethan's mother. I look back and am disappointed in the person I was and ways I treated her in the past. If ANYONE ever did anything to hurt my mom there would be a problem. I realized that to have SO much love in my heart for Ethan and not care for his mom was not right.

I've gone through alot of shit in my life. There were things I believed were going to break me to the core. There were times I didn't know if I was going to want to see the next day. That is no way to live. I am a very emotional person and haven't always expressed my feelings in the proper way. It's hard for me to deal with things and I lash out in the worst ways. I still am working on that area of my soul and heart.

The part of my heart that has allowed myself to create a new "normal" for our family is happy tonight. I never in a million years would think that I would be spending a Thursday night with my fiance, his son, and his ex-wife. People may not understand our situation. They may look at us and see something weird, but when I look at Ethan running around playing games with his mom and thanking his dad for dinner it gives me hope.
I hope that Ethan grows up knowing how damn much he is loved. I hope Ethan takes advantage of every single day that he has 3 people raising him. I hope he realizes how much I care for him and respect his mother. Without her, I would never have this little man to bring happiness, craziness and tons of fun to my life.

I am fortunate to have been able to find the peace I was seeking from within to let myself be happy with our family. My life has never been quite normal, so why start now? This is how it all is supposed to be.

I wish anyone in a tough situation whether it be with a child, a relationship, or some other area to get to a place of peace. It may take time, patience and work but in the end I promise the outcome will be beautiful.

Thank you Chuck for loving me through all of the hard times enough to enjoy the wonderful ones. Thank you Ethan for allowing me to love you more than myself.
Thank you Daisy for accepting me just how I am.

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Fall Lust List

I've already mentioned a time or a million that Fall is my favorite season. There is something about the crisp air, leaves changing color and pumpkin EVERYTHING that I adore.

So much so that I had to create another list...are you sick of these yet?! Good, me either ;)

Emelia's Fall Lust List

1. THIS vest from Nordstrom. It's pretty much everything. If it happens to find it's way from my Wish List to shopping bag to doorstep I wouldn't be mad at all. This is one item I could wear on constant repeat with different looks.

2. Ugg Boots again from Nordstrom. Love em or hate em, they're damn warm and comfortable. Living in Erie where we wake up to a foot of snow each morning, these babies are SO practical. I ripped a pair that I bought last year and Nordstrom so graciously returned them and refunded my money, but was out of stock at the time. These will be coming to me in the next few months FOR SURE!

3. This warmer from Scentsy. I don't need it, but that's why it's on my Lust List, duh. It fits with our kitchen decor, and I love Scentsy. Get some Caramel Pear Crisp burning on a beautiful fall weekend while making a nice homemade soup...I'm drooling already.

4. Hair like this. Balyage is all the rage, and I need a new fall color. I am loving this dark contrast and think I may try it out.

5. This dress for one of our upcoming wedding festivities. I wouldn't need it until next fall, but that's still a fall lust for the list! I am thinking Vegas Bachelorette Party!?!? 

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August 27, 2014

Humpday Confessions

Today I'm participating in a link-up I often read, but have never joined...Humpday Confessions with Kat from Vodka and Soda. I don't think I need an intro for this, it is just easier to spill it all.

Vodka and Soda

 So...here we go. Another list.

1. I am feeling quite exhausted lately. Like, I took about FIVE naps this past weekend. FIVE. Not one each day, but about FIVE in TWO days. Basically you could say, I was awake a few hours this weekend. 

2. With that being said, I am trying to find a healthy balance between everything in my life. Work, home, wedding planning, blog writing, excercising, etc...etc...I feel quite overwhelmed lately.

3. I am craving a happy hour. In Pittsburgh. I live in Erie, but I want to be in Pittsburgh after work at 5 pm to hit up some fun places that just aren't in Erie.

4. I thought I was ahead in the wedding planning game, but lately I feel like we have SO much to do. Big things...such as find a photographer and a DJ. By the way, what the hell is a reasonable price for a DJ? I have NO clue.

5. I have been trying extra, really, big time hard to be on a strict budget. I have been doing pretty well, but could be better. It's hard being a woman...temptation everywhere. The fact that I am running out of all my beauty products at the same time sure isn't helping.

6. Ooops..did I say budget?! Anyways...I am really wanting a new pair of shoes. I am over all of mine. I am going to splurge on a pair of YosiSamra flats this fall, but I'm not sure which pair yet. I have heard great things from some fashion bloggers who wear them frequently, so I figured it would be a wise buy.

7. I feel like I am in a great place emotionally. I look back to a year ago and have seen myself grow over time which is always good. I may not have lost the weight I wanted to or done other things that are on my list... but  if I have made great strides as a human that is all I need. 

Phew. That felt good. I think this may happen on a weekly basis because it sure feels good to write these things down.

What's one thing you can confess to this HUMPDAY?!?! 
Happy Wednesday Ya''ll :)

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August 26, 2014

I'm Weird & I Know It

I'm weird. Yes, I admit it. I think all of us are. Some of you may not want to say so, but you are.
What makes me want to say this? Well I was doing something that I think is weird the other day and thought..."I wonder if other people would think this is weird?" I assume it's weird because I'm me...and I guess I don't think other people think or do these things.

Enough of talking about it and just saying the word weird. Let's talk about what I think makes me so WEIRD.

I find things that I suddenly like, such as coleslaw, and then become obsessed. Let me explain, about 6 months ago I decided to try coleslaw. I liked what I had. I then made it my personal mission to try coleslaw on every menu that carries said food. Most of these places did not have tasty coleslaw, so I should have stopped a long time ago. I haven't...still checking out coleslaw all around town.


I have to shut all our closet doors before I can fall asleep in bed. I will lay there and stare at the closet doors and sometimes imagine or wish that they could close themselves. 9 times out of 10...well, almost always I ask Chuck to get up and close them. (His side of the bed is closer, in my defense) It has got to the point that he closes them before he gets in bed because he knows what will happen an hour later if he doesn't.

When I stand around the house, I take the position of a flamingo. No joke. One leg perched up on the other, minus the hunched over back part. I have done it since I was little. It's actually quite comfortable, but not normal....weird. Try it sometime if you like, it's fun.


I periodically go through my old clothes and donate them. I also on the other hand am pretty fond of shopping. One thing I haven't bought new since high school...sports bras. It's quite ridiculous and I can't believe I'm admitting it. But I can't justify spending all that money on a damn sports bra that just gets sweaty and gross. A regular bra...oh yea, all day I could shop in Victoria's Secret. Not a sports bra though. These girls are shoved in there like sardines...it's pretty funny getting ready to work out. I laugh at myself every single time. Oh well.

What makes you weird? 
I promise I won't laugh...well, I might giggle.

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August 21, 2014

Won't Be The Last You See// #IceBucketChallenge

If you're one of the people who are "sick of seeing the #IceBucketChallenge all over your newsfeed" this post is not for you. I'm sorry that you are tired of seeing people create awareness for ALS or don't agree, or have some other reason for not watching. 
That's fine...I'll continue.

It honestly makes me sad that people are complaining that people are doing this and not donating. Has anyone ever thought of the people that financially can not afford it? Some people may not have the ability to donate online, some people may be struggling to put food on their table, and some of the people participating in this awesome challenge are children! The Ice Bucket Challenge is a phenomenal way to spread the word about ALS and get others wanting to find out more and help find a cure by either making a monetary donation or giving information to other people.

In case you haven't heard yet ALS is Amyotrophic Iateral Sclerosis which you may know as "Lou Gehrig's Disease", which affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. As the disease progresses in the human body, someone in the later stages of ALS may become totally paralyzed. You can find out more by visiting the ALS Association website here.

I think that creating awareness and getting people to the internet, the news, or some other source to find out more about ALS is a beautiful thing. 
With that being said, I poured some ice cold water on my head last night and donated to ALS. 

Another cool event happening for the #IceBucketChallenge is taking place today in Erie at Splash Lagoon. Splash Lagoon is a huge indoor water park and over 50 business leaders are going to participate in the challenge. All of the leaders are donating at least $50 and Splash Lagoon is going to match the donations. 

As I mentioned, children are also getting involved in this challenge which I think is SO cool. Anything that the little ones can learn about supporting a charity, or about ALS itself is a positive thing. Ethan also participated last night and loved every minute of it (as you can see in his silly video).

I will not get bored or mad watching the videos. Keep posting, spreading the word and donating friends! You are doing a fabulous thing for a great cause!


If you have a moment check out Living Lavendar's page today...you may see a familiar face. 

Have YOU taken part of the #IceBucketChallenge? Share a link to your video so I can see!

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August 20, 2014

Fall Bucket List

On Monday almost every post I read mentioned fall....whether it was about fall plans, or fall coats...and I must admit, I didn't hate it. :)

Fall is my FAVORITE season...who's with me?!? I don't know too many people that dislike it. How can you? It's pretty much perfection.

Today I want to share my Fall Bucket List with all of you. Some things on the list we seem to do as a family each year, and I want to continue doing what we enjoy. Others on the list I have never done, or want to try something new and exciting as a family!

1. Pick apples at Brant's in Ohio
2. Make a homemade soup- probably something found on Pinterest
3. Take some fun family photos in a leaf pile
4. Have a family scary movie night with some fall food
5. Create some new festive decorations-hopefully something from my Fall Fun board
6. Attend Zoo Boo at the Erie Zoo during Halloween
7. Go to Port Farms (our FAVORITE fall spot) and complete the Corn Maze, drink some hot apple cider and get some fall decor for our deck
8. Take an autumn walk to enjoy the crisp outdoor air and beautiful scenery
9. Participate in an all girls Fantasy Football League DONE! (thanks Sarah)
10. Host a football party for a Sunday Funday with our friends
11. Attend Fall Fest at our wedding venue Peek'N'Peak
12. Drink as many Pumpkin Spice Latte's as possible.....DUH!

I would LOVE to complete everything on the list. I do know that no matter what happens, it will be fun though!

What do YOU want to do this Fall?

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August 19, 2014

Guilty Pleasures // August #TotalSocial

Today I promised some fun things about Fall for my post...well, I lied. I didn't do it on purpose, but after I posted I realized that today was a fun link-up I like to participate in each month with Helene and Sarah.

This month's #TotalSocial is all about Guilty Pleasures....ooooh how fun...how could I skip this one!?

Venus Trapped in Mars

Guilty Pleasures...we all have them. I have no problem announcing mine, because I tell people all the time. I have no shame in it. I don't smoke, I don't drink every night, and I don't have the budget to spend frivolous amounts of money on any one thing.

So...what's my guilty pleasure?!?!

Reality (Trash) TV. And I can't get enough. I will pretty much watch anything and get hooked.

 I am obsessed with every single city of the damn Housewives on Bravo. 

As much as the Kardashians can drive me nuts, I still watch.

As crazy as the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills valley girl voices are, I don't change the channel. 

As much of a trainwreck some of the Teen Moms are...I haven't missed a season. 

And my new favorite...well, there's no reason NOT to watch Christley Knows Best. Every single member of that family makes me cry laughing.

Yup, I watch it all. I record it all. I will watch episodes that I have already seen. I watch marathons. I can tell you what's going on with every family, chic, and teen mom out there. 

Sometimes I think it's so hilarious to watch because of the drama. The craziness that happens in these people's lives is insane but it's entertaining. I guess that's why they are worthy of a show!? HAHA!

I have NO shame in my Reality TV game. I'll scream it loud and proud...all hail the DVR. 

What is YOUR guilty pleasure??

ps- I promise some Fall Fun on tomorrow's post...be sure to come check it out!

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August 18, 2014

Adult Decisions & A Giveaway

Another Monday is upon us...how do they sneak up so quick?!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen a picture of my weekend fun. Saturday we spent the evening in Columbus, Ohio for my first MLS game.

We had an absolute BLAST. I played soccer from age 3-18 so I am a diehard fan and love watching it, no matter what anyone says. It was my first experience watching a professional game in person and I already can't wait to go back. The crowd was unbelievably hype from the music to the cheering...it was incredible. The Columbus Crew played the Los Angeles Galaxy and the home team won! The night ended with some amazing fireworks complete with music. If you listen closely to this video you can hear Ethan helping out the show. 

Chuck and I had planned on going to the Lil Wayne vs. Drake Tour Sunday night in Pittsburgh. We left Columbus Sunday morning and on the drive home discussed what Monday would be like. We haven't done a full on grocery shopping fill the fridge and cabinets load in about 3 weeks (yikes!) and we are trying to make better choices in order to cut expenses and save for our wedding next year. I was really proud of us on making the final choice not to attend the concert. We both wanted to badly go since we love concerts, but it was the right thing to do. It's funny how one little decision can make you feel really good. There will always be another show ;)

Now for some REALLY exciting news...today I am happy to be part of a group giveaway hosted by Rebekah from Living Lavendar
In addition to $100 Cash that you can scoop up, there are other items to win, so there will be 12 seperate lucky winners!!
You can enter below and make sure to share the giveaway with your friends.

Living Lavender: use code "LAVENDER30" FOR 30% off all sponsorships Marry Mint: use code "AUGUST" FOR 50% off all sponsorships A Sorta Fairytale: use code "FAIRYTALE40" for 40% off all sponsorships A Time For Seasons: use code "lavender" for 50% off all sponsorships

I swear almost every post I read today in blog world talked about Fall...so I guess that's my signal saying it's okay for me to do it also. Come back tomorrow to see what I have planned this season.

Thanks for reading! Hope you all had a great start to your week :)

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August 15, 2014

Fan Friday : Steelers Training Camp

This is my first time participating in the Fan Friday LinkUp with Sarah from Venus Trapped In Mars and I am ECSTATIC! I am still longing for the sunshine of summer, but can NOT wait for FOOTBALL! 
Venus Trapped in Mars

Alright alright, before you already start throwing banana peels at your computer screen let me tell you a few things. 

I have been a Pittsburgh Steelers fan since about age 6. I grew up south of Pittsburgh and love the city more than life itself.

I went to my first Steelers game at Three Rivers Stadium at 12 years old with my dad. We sat in the freezing cold the entire game with a thermos of hot chocolate and didn't miss a beat. Fast forward many years later and I will STILL sit through those freezing cold Pittsburgh game to see my boys play.

My favorite player is Jerome Bettis. Yes, it pisses me off when I wear his jersey and people ask who he is. THOSE are the Steeler Fans you should hate, not me.
I have hair like Troy, although he doesn't straighten his like I do, but I appreciate a good curl and a badass. 

Where was I going with this before I started to convnice you that beneath the black and yellow (YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!) that I'm still a good person?!
Oh yea....Steelers Training Camp.

Well, each year Steelers Training Camp happens to be held at my brother's alma mater, Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pa. If you have never heard of the school you should look it up...it's a beautiful campus. I'm guessing that is part of the reason camp is held here. The facilities are great and the view is awesome. 
We started going to camp about 6 years ago and look forward to it each summer. Some years we have made it down more than once but every time is an amazing experience. 

We usually watch a little bit of practice from the bleachers or the hill and then make the journey over to outside the locker rooms. You HAVE to get a good spot in order to come close to getting autographs. Last year we were front row, and having a cute and polite little boy means a ton of smiles for our little dude. He got a hat full of autographs and lots of good pictures with some players. This year, we didn't get front row but managed a few autographs. 

Unfortunately, Big Ben usually never walks up the path to make his own way to the locker rooms after practice. He is escorted from the field up the back path and comes in on the side to the locker room. We have learned his tricks, and know to watch the field for the cart and once we see it moving make our way to the very back of the crowd to scope out the scene.

This year, we were SO ready. We watched his sign autographs down on the field for about an hour which he never does (must be another new trick) and then made our way to the back of the crowd. His golf cart came cruising along and Ethan yelled "Ben please, you're my favorite player!" Ben just waved and sped on by. Wait until you see the picture below ...it would have been some good karma if he would have taken a spill. 

I think it says a lot for the guys like Troy and Heath, who are big name players making top dollar that still take the time to smile, thank people for coming, and sign some papers making people's dreams come true. I was happy to see Ben signed autographs for people that stayed back on the field, but it annoys me that he always has to be sly and can't stay with his team. 
Oh well....

My Dudes ready for a fun filled day!

TROY :) !!!!

Little man Ethan scoping out the players.

 Big Ben almost falling off his little golf cart.

Looking at all his autographs.

The crowd patiently waiting along the path to the locker rooms.

View of the field from the locker room area.

Coach Tomlin and Troy.

Saint Vincent College--Latrobe, Pa.

I love this team and I love my city. Black and Gold Forever #412 

Are you big in to football? College or NFL? Favorite team? Let's hear it! (now I'm sounding like a cheerleader....so I'm gonna go)

Happy Weekend!

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August 14, 2014


Sometimes awesome things are the simplest things. Let me explain.

1. I'm getting tomatoes on my plant. I have killed every plant I have ever come in to contact with so this is huge news. 

2. Tomorrow is pay day. Enough said.

3. I got some awesome sunnies for less than $4. The hearts just make me smile.

Follow me on Instagram!! 

4. Not working until 2 pm on a Tuesday and eating popcorn for breakfast at the movies. 

5. Ethan's snapchats. 

6. Reading some sweet words about little ole' me. Thank you so much Karli. Check out this write-up.

7. Tomorrow is Friday.

And last but not least, You are You...and YOU are Amazing!

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August 12, 2014

Tuesday Pretties

I am SO very excited to be co-hosting today's Tuesday Pretties with Niki from Glossy Blonde. So far in this blogging adventure I have had the pleasure of meeting several amazing and friendly people and Niki is one of them. If you are ever looking for an attentive, helpful and successful blogger to sponsor I highly recommend the Glossy Blonde.

On to today's pretties. I have to admit I am a bit disappointed I didn't get to take my pictures earlier, because yesterday it rained all afternoon which led me to improvise.
In comes an iPhone with HDR camera and a tall mirror to the rescue!

I decided to feature a look and talk about my pretties in every area of the outfit including products.
I apoologize in advance for the not so great quality, but I did my best for what Mother Nature decided to hand me.

New hair products have made a huge difference to my hair lately.

1. Versa Spa SunlessPro Tanning Bronzer is my best friend at the worst of times. When I don't feel like going for a regular spray tan at the salon I can bust out this trusty little can and spray before bed and at least give my face and neck a nice bronzed look. It works great and I have tried a few from Sephora and other similar places.

2. Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil Shampoo gives such a great clean.  I received a sample with a Sephora order and was so impressed with the result that I immediately placed an order for a full size. This is a new line to Bumble and Bumble and is meant to soften and silken and is made up of 6 lightweight oils. I didn't love the conditioner enough to buy the full size, but I do already use Bumble and Bumble Mending Conditioner that works well for me.

3. Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil is seriously liquid gold. No wonder this line is named Gold Lust because the stuff is seriously a gem. I purchased it a little over a week ago and no joke, after just one use could tell the difference. The owner & artistic director at the Salon I work at sells this to everyone so I had to give it a try. I was so thrilled with the results I now recommend it to everyone. It is very concentrated so you don't need to use much, which is great because it is expensive. It is SO worth every penny. It brings life back to your hair and makes it silky smooth.

4. Chi Air Compact Mini Flat Iron is not only adorable and super handy, but also the best I've used. I have used the Chi for years and about every four have to buy new. I think $25 a year for an amazing product is well worth it. The last time mine died (a few months ago) I was literally in the middle of straigtening my hair and had to run to Target. I got an amazing deal! I purchased the pink 1" Chi and it came with the Mini size in addition to that all for under $100 with my 5% Target RedCard discount. AMAZING! I can definitely tell the difference between the Chi and ChiAir. My hair feels healthier now than ever before within weeks of using it (about 6 days a week). 

5. Younique Lucrative LipGloss in Luxe is a great neutral lip color. I have previously mentioned that I am a presenter for Younique and can't speak highly enough about our great quality products. The lip gloss is always a favorite and I already own over 7 colors. They all work great, but the Luxe is surely a good subtle color.

My lovely new turquoise ring was a sweet gift from the owner of Frou Frou & Frill. Frou Frou & Frill is home to amazing accessories in the form of weekly flash sales with FREE shipping. I have already purchased several unique pieces that I don't see replecas of in stores, which is a nice bonus. One of the sweet owners, Jocelin, who I have had the pleasure of knowing for several years sent this piece to me for my birthday and for being a loyal shopper. You can't ask for better customer service. 

You can purchase pieces from Frou Frou & Frill at ANY time on their Facebook or Instagram pages at great affordable prices. As mentioned in yesterday's post, I seriously LOVE supporting entrepreneurs. Jocelin is another great example of a hard-working woman who's handling it all: work, a new baby, and now this business. Go check out the pretties from Frou Frou & Frill and tell her I sent you!

Another great Kate Spade clutch that I snatched up from another awesome Surprise Sale. Kate and her sales get the best of me, but I never regret it! Eat Cake For Breakfast: perfect motto to live by if you ask me. 
PSSSST: There's a Surprise Sale going on now!

Also rocking my new NexGen manicure. I have never tried this, but had heard about it being available in bigger cities. I pampered myself on my Saturday off and took a trip in to work for a manicure. I chose this subtle pink sparkle and am so far loving it. NexGen is basically acrylics and shellac/gel having a baby. NexGen does not damage your nails, but it is powder based. No UV lights are used, but it does dry rather quickly. NexGen is made up of Vitamins C & E and is supposed to last 3-4 weeks. I have seen several clients come in after 3 weeks to get a polish change, but their nails still look excellent.

Black Strapless Maxi dress from Forever21 in store (similar found here).
Cocoon sweater (SO comfy) and light too from Tilly's in store.

Welcome to Tuesday Pretties with Glossy Blonde!
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1. Follow your host and co-host! HOST: Niki @ Glossy Blonde CO-HOST: Emelia @ Dream Big & Buy the Shoes
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Glossy Blonde
Interested in co-hosting? Shoot me an email at niki@glossyblonde.com for more info!

Thank you SO much for reading and a huge cyber hug to Niki for allowing me to co-host and share my pretties this Tuesday!

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August 11, 2014

Selfie Outtakes & IWYP // Marvelous In My Monday

Monday already?! I swear now that it's August the weekends are going by faster than ever. 

It's time for #MIMM Marvelous In My Monday link up with Katie from Healthy Diva Life!

Marvelous In My Monday is brought to you today courtesy of Whitney. Whitney is the hilarious, sweet, and always entertaining chic behind I Wore Yoga Pants. If her blog name alone isn't enough to love her and sing her sweet praises, her monthly line-up of super comfy tees sure is.

I seriously admire these bloggers who work, blog with amazing content, and do other sweet things like this. A t-shirt line?! I mean...so cool. 

Some of her tees are blogger related, and some are not. Each comes with a koozie, because you can never have enough. Whitney has also started doing tanks in some of her most recent launches.

These tagless shirts are SO comfy. Each month they happen to come out at a time when I am telling myself I have shopped enough online, and magically one still comes to my mailbox time after time. And no, although Whitney is pretty cool, she's not sending them to me for free. They are THAT cute that I NEED one each month.

Now comes the time where I show you the ridiculous pictures I try to take of myself. 

Hi uniboob and large forehead. Glad you could come out to play.

How in the HELL do fashion bloggers take such good selfies?

Who knew you could make a koozie look bad? Spray tan I'm coming for ya!

 Since those pictures look like they were taken by a 5 year old. Here's a few more:

 Much better. You pretty thing.

 Since I can't be troubled to take a decent selfie.

I want MY name on a shirt!! (ps-tagless is the way to go)

Thanks Whitney for giving me a reason to take such crazy pictures. For real though, these shirts are whitty (see what I did there) and super soft. I never regret my purchase I shouldn't be making every month.

Check out the latest creation over at Whitney's blog: I Wore Yoga Pants. I promise next month I'll have someone else take pictures for a real representation!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for Tuesday Pretties that I am co-hosting with Niki from Glossy Blonde.

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