December 22, 2014

The Season of Giving's Monday. I had a great weekend, but not enough time to tell you about it. Seriously though...wish I could, but I currently am trying to nap, wrap and make dinner while I write this post. Oh, and bake...forgot about that one.

I am a lover of Christmas...the lights, the fun, the parties, the giving...but I am WHOOPED. I think I was creating lists in my sleep because I woke up this morning already exhausted before my work day even began.
You can imagine what state I'm in 9 hours later.

Since it's the season of giving, I have a few things for you, my awesome readers.

1. A downloadable coupon from Mezzetta Foods and a chance to win some awesome prizes:
You can find that here

2. If you're a last minute baker (two hands raised over here), I have a quick and easy solution for you:
Life saver of the holiday season is here

3. Who doesn't love a little spoiling this season? Enter the giveaway below to win $150 from Old Navy!!

Hopefully by next spring I can update you on all the holiday fun, recipes, decorating and fun gifts I have been working on. 
Come back tomorrow to see an awesome holiday card swap I participated in.

Thank you for your continued support. I big pink emoji heart love you all!

A big thank you to Mezzetta and Nestle Toll House for also supporting the holiday fun and this post.

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  1. Trying to throw me off with this late post, but I check your blog incessantly like a stalker...well only 3 times today! Thank you for the giveaway!