December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Recap & A Giveaway

Thanksgiving has become one of my favorite holidays. It's currently ranked at number 3 on my list after Easter and Christmas. Since we started hosting dinner at our home 4 years ago it's made me extremely happy and very grateful. That may sound cliche, but it's true.

I remember our very first year we hosted. We were SO unprepared that now it's hilarious looking back at it. We didn't shop for 90% of what we needed until the night before. Chuck and I went to dinner and had a few drinks then went grocery shopping at 10 pm. Nothing like wandering the aisles of your local store with a good buzz preparing for a huge meal the next morning. 

As the years have gone on we have become smarter...or Chuck has, and I follow his lead. Sometimes we cook a few things the night before depending on the time our meal starts. One thing has stayed consistent every year though, the meal never ever disappoints. 

I still think Chuck should go to culinary school and become a chef. He takes risks and tries something new every year, usually from brainstorming ideas and they are always amazing.

I now present to you....some of our holiday meal.

Apple Crisp Bites...recipe coming soon to a blog near you 

Crock-Pot Mashed Potatoes in the making

Pier One...I Love YOU

Chuck's Homemade Gravy being stewed up

Mr. Turkey I'm ready for you

I call this...appetizers, or please keep yourself busy until the meal is ready.

Thanksgiving in all it's glory thanks to Chef Chuck!

My Sweet Potato Casserole wins Grandma's hearts over one by one

One of the pictures shown above will come to fruition this week in recipe form. If my hints in the captions or my silly puns don't give it away you will know for sure tomorrow.

Other highlights of my Thanksgiving day included:
-Ethan wearing his Santa hat all day
-My grandfather bringing his iPad and taking pictures of everyone with it and then showing every single person in the room every single picture taken
-Ethan playing his violin after dinner for us
-Chuck playing Juicy J and dancing while he prepared his masterpiece

...and now it's time for a giveway to everyone's favorite store: TARGET!!!! Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

How was your holiday? What was your favorite part of the day?
I hope everyone had a wonderful day with the ones they love.

Bella And The City


  1. The Sequin NotebookDecember 1, 2014 at 11:42 AM

    Mmm apple crisp bites...sounds yummy!

  2. All of your Thanksgiving dishes look delish! That's a great idea to make mashed potatoes in the crockpot.

  3. Thanks so much was tasty. The mashed potatoes turned out great and saves some much needed time being done in the crockpot!

  4. SO yummy....hope you try the recipe ;)