December 4, 2014

My Day Holding The Blog Baton

I tried twirling a baton once or twice before. It didn't end well. Bumps on the head and a small bruise on my face more tricks for me.

Last Tuesday, November 25th I held The Blog Baton on Instagram and I didn't have any injuries after. YEA! In all seriousness, it was a really fun day.

If you're a blogger and have never heard of this awesome concept, listen up.
Mason, from Mason Like The Jar developed this account as a way for bloggers to get to know each other better and it's an amazing idea.

Each day a different blogger "holds the baton" and takes control of the Instagram account: The Blog Baton. You log on in the morning and post no more than 10 photos (because no one likes a crazy flood of your pictures, let's be real) throughout your day.
It's nice to share things about the city you're from, your interests, your blog, and whatever else your little heart desires.
At the end of the day you "sign off" by midnight and say good-bye to all your lovely new friends and the next blogger is aware that they can then sign in and take over to twirl or hold the baton.

My day with The Blog Baton was really interesting and I got to "meet" a bunch of new people. I discovered bloggers I may never have without this opportunity made some new Instagram friends, and got the chance to spread the word about my blog (for FREE)!

The sign-up process is very simple.  You can email mason at: with: your name, your blog URL, and your Instagram name. Mason then sets you up to hold the baton, on a first come first serve basis. For more details, check out this post from Mason.

The Blog Baton is a genius concept and I couldn't love it more. If you're not already following The Blog Baton on Instagram you are missing out. It's a wonderful way to meet more people in the internet world we all share as bloggers.


  1. I definitely need to sign up for this, sounds like fun!

  2. Sounds fun! I follow them on instagram but didn't know you can sign up. Thought you had to be selected by the previous blogger!

  3. Love the Blog Baton! It's a great way to connect with new bloggers!!

  4. It was such a fun day and I got to meet so many bloggers!

  5. Me was so fun. Mason has a great thing going!