December 11, 2014

My 2014 Holiday Wish List

As I get older I honestly don't hear myself saying "I really want this for Christmas" becomes way more fun to give presents than it is to receive them.
With that being said, it doesn't mean there isn't a Wish List on my phone just in case someone wants some ideas for me.

Isn't it funny how your list changes as years go on too? I remember when I got my first apartment and asked for a good vaccuum for Christmas. Who can afford a new bag when you're out dropping money on all these household items?!

I have had my eyes on a few things lately that made it on my Wish List. So if you're in need of some ideas for me, today is your lucky day. Let me know if you need my address ;)

2014 Holiday Wish List

NIKE white t shirt

Forever 21 boho vest

NIKE cotton legging
$47 -

Throw pillow

Victorinox Swiss Army utility knive

I always love a good Nike workout tee and could use some new gym pants. I have wanted the Tory Burch perfume for a while now, but can't justify spending my own  money on it.

I love the knife stand with the iPad holder on the front for when I'm busy in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes and that pillow NEEDS to be in my life. It was meant for me.

I've also really loved the fur vest trend for the past few years, but again don't need to spend money on one. If Santa brings me one I wouldn't be mad.


What's on your Wish List this year? I hope Santa makes all your dreams come true.


  1. The Sequin NotebookDecember 11, 2014 at 8:11 AM

    We're with you on the phone wish list...never hurts to keep track of some ideas! Loving that pretty pillow :)

  2. That throw pillow!! Oh my gosh, I love it! Adding that to my wish list NOW!

  3. LOVE that throw pillow! I have been wanting new ones in my living room for a while but I can't believe how expensive they are!! Also that ipad on the knife holder is GENIUS! I would definitely get use out of that when I'm making dinner or doing dishes!

  4. You definitely NEED that pillow!

  5. What a cute concept for the knife block! First time I'm seeing that and I love festive and fun throw pillows too!

  6. I LOVE the knife stand with the ipad holder! I'd use it with my tablet because I've been known to put my entire laptop on the counter while cooking which results in getting flour under and in between all of my keys which is SUPER fun to deal with later...

    I also really love those Nike workout clothes. Definitely great to add to a wishlist for someone else to buy because I usually can't justify spending money on full priced Nike stuff when I'll probably end up wearing it more often on the couch than in the gym ;)

  7. These are such cute ideas!! I am loving that vest and workout gear. So cute!

  8. Thank you so much Taylor. I am all about cute workout gear ;) Thanks for reading girl!

  9. It is SUCH a good idea, right?! I would use the heck out of it....and that's exactly why it's on my wishlist...justified Nike gear ;) haha, thanks for reading Alex!

  10. I love's quite the great concept! Thanks for reading Emily!

  11. I would really use it alot, now it's becoming a big NEED to have...haha. I love cute throw pillows, but yes, they are pricey! Thanks for reading Julie!

  12. You and me both...I LOVE IT! Thanks for stopping by Courtney!

  13. I would be LOST without my phone...everything is on it...haha. I am obsessed with the pillow. Thanks for reading lovely friends! XO!