December 16, 2014

Girlie Gift Guide // Principessa Bambolina

It's time for another Gift Guide, and this one is for the sweet little girl in your life. 
Principessa Boutique located in Washington, Pa at the Shops at Quail Acres is a little girl's dream shop. The boutique carries clothing, dancewear and accessories adorned in lace, beauty and love. One step in the shop and you see how much time, attention to detail and hard work is put in to everything.
Hard work and dedication isn't something new to the three Italian sisters who operate the children's boutique. Natalie (Giovanelli) Welsh, Jill (Giovanelli) Stiehler, and Bernadette (Giovanelli) Santucci also run a successful dance studio "Dance With Me By Sisters 3".  
If Candy Land were real life, I truly think it would look something like Principessa. The shop's name, which means Princess in Italian, speaks for itself. Beautiful skirts, one of a kind shoes, sparkly dance wear, onesies for your little man adorned with bow ties, and magical accessories called "Fairy Doors" fill the room with fun. 

girlie gifts

Some of the best gems located inside the beautiful boutique are called Principessa Bambolina's. Bambolina means "baby doll" in Italian. Not only are the dolls exclusively hand-made piece by piece, but they are also 100 percent customizable and unique. 
The dolls are crafted by Sheryl Giovanelli, the girls' mother and aunt Christine Omiatek by mailing parts back and forth between their homes in Richeyville and Ligonier, Pennsylvania. Omiatek starts by making the body and clothing for the dolls and Giovanelli stuffs them, adds detail and embroiders the face and hair. 

Principessa Boutique

The Bambolina's have a special purpose for the little girls to who's homes they reach and to the charities they support as well. A portion of the proceeds from the dolls benefit two local charities. The money donated is split between Autism Speaks and the Young Women's Breast Cancer Foundation. 
Omiatek is a breast cancer survivor and autism is a cause close to the whole family. 

A beautiful Bambolina  for your special little girlie that serves a greater cause makes the perfect gift any time of the year for a price of $85. 
The dolls can be dressed up to match the little dancer and her latest recital costume, your birthday girl and her glam party outfit, a fun day out in the city for a special event, and much much more. 

Principessa Washington, Pa

To order a Bambolina for the special little girl in your life you can contact one of the sisters through their Facebook page or e-mail. You can also check out their picture perfect creations on Instagram.

Principessa Bambolina

I wouldn't mind having one of these for myself, I would prefer a Britney Spears replica circa the "Toxic" video.

Which Bambolina would you choose for your little girl?


  1. These are so cute! What a great idea to personalize them!

  2. I just love them! They are so unique and fun!