December 18, 2014

Gift Guide// For The Office Friends

If you're like me, you may have that one co-worker who's a great friend you want to treat with something nice around the holidays. It can be tough to buy an appropriate gift for a fellow employee so today I present the Gift Guide for your Office Friends.

Gift Guide: For Your Office Friends

Forever 21 socks

Forever 21 canvas purse

NARS Cosmetics lip liner

Essie blue nail polish

From cute socks, to a witty bag you could always use, and a coffee mug...because work equals coffee...there's something for everyone here.

I would be happy just to receive the socks if you're shopping for me ....hint hint.

And why not get something for yourself...this one is free.


  1. A great gift guide for girly co-workers! :)

    Rats! I need facebook to enter this one!

  2. Cute list. I bought all the girls at work Bath & Body Works lotions (on sale) and gift cards or alcohol for the guys!

  3. Great ideas girl! I love me some Bath and Body Works anything :)

  4. Thanks E! I love making these Gift Guides :) You get one entry for a never know if that could be the winner ;)

  5. Love this list. Can't go wrong with fact i need some right now lol. Found you through Disqus and have a similar post on my blog.

    Merry Christmas

  6. I love cute socks! Thanks for checking my blog out. Cheers to 2015! :)