December 30, 2014

Blogger Men Tell All//December Edition

We're back for another round of Blogger Men Tell All. I don't know who's more excited, Chuck, or myself...he lives for this stuff.

Here we go, as a bonus you get my commentary in italics....

What is one thing you really want for Christmas this year?
I just want Ethan to have a good Christmas and to spend time with my friends and family.

Does your family generally do Christmas Eve or Christmas Day celebrations?
Christmas Day. All day. 
(That's insightful)

What is your favorite part about the holidays?
The food. Time to relax and recharge and get ready for the New Year.
(Chuck is getting old, please forgive him for a better answer)

What's your New Year's Resolution?
To get down to fighting weight for the wedding.
( I didn't buy him a UFC Membership this year for Christmas, sooooo....)

Where will you be at the start of 2015?
Sugar Bowl! (he wishes)
I'm planning on having friends over to watch My Ohio State Buckeyes in the playoffs.
(As for me, WE ARE! not Buckeye fans in this side of the house)

Becoming Adorrable

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