November 13, 2014


You ask it from the moment you can start talking...why? Why this, why that?
Well...I'm still asking it.

Just a few things I'm questioning lately....

Why do I always forget I put laundry in the washer until I am comfy and cozy in bed?
...thank goodness for an awesome fiance who does it for me during these times

Why does it so beautiful and warm at 4 pm, but at 8 pm it feels like winter is here?
...the only answer could be, Erie, Pa.

Why does Christmas come earlier each year? (Fact: It doesn't, but it know what I'm saying) clue on this one. I love it as much as the next holly jolly one, but let's not forget about Pilgrims, Pumpkin Pie & reasons to be thankful.

Speaking of Christmas. Why are grandparents so hard to buy for?
...I'm currently taking gift ideas.

Why isn't buying makeup online easier?
...I should be able to send you a selfie and you can determine what shade of foundation I need. Thanks MAC.

Why is good laundry detergent so expensive?
...Tide with Febreze, I'm talking to you.

Why is Black Friday no longer on Friday?
...Thanksgiving is NOT Black Friday. Have some respect people!

Why can't I wear leggings and comy cardi's with scarves every single day?
...Dreaming BIG on this one. If only I made the rules!

Why not enter an awesome giveaway that ends soon?!
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What are you currently asking WHY to?


  1. Yay, fun giveaway! Thanks for hosting! Right now I am asking why I can't get paid to read books and snuggle with my dogs all day. ;)

  2. I feel ya girl on the Black Friday situation! Let Thanksgiving have its full day, save the shopping for Friday. I refuse to go out on Thursday, ridiculous!

  3. Totally agree! I feel like we may get to a point where we will be talking about Christmas in March.... lol

  4. Laundry in the washer, I can never remember either!