November 3, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was spent doing one of my most favorite things. Relaxing!
We have been on the go lately and it was so nice to have the time to sit back, relax and just chill.

Linking up with Bella and Lisa for my Weekend Recap.
Bella And The City

Friday was a ton of fun at work dressing up for Halloween. There was some really great costumes,l ike my girl Tiffany as a loofah! I was laughing all day long, I absolutely loved it, and even better..she made it herself.

Saturday morning I started my day off at work...haha. My stylist wanted to take the root and crown of my hair darker in color and I was down for the change. 
The rest of the day involved watching movies on the couch, wrapping Christmas presents, running errands including buying necessities like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles plastic storage and scented Crayola Markers and doing some ultra relaxing in the coziness of the house. I had fall candles burning in every room and it straight up smelled like a Bath and Body Works store in here. 

I must say that running errands was a huge mistake. The stores were absolutely crazy. The lines at Target were about 6 people deep in each of them but luckily I was well rested and not in any rush. I took my time shopping and browsing. I LOVE this time of year for the anticipation of Christmas, but not the crazy people at the stores.

I did score big at the liquore store buying some vodka so that made up for it. I was on the hunt for some Pinnacle Caramel Apple but it was sold out. I got some Cinnamon Roll & Pecan Pie and got an $8 mail in rebate...WOO WOO!

Sunday I baked some cookies and tried out a new soup recipe. Stay tuned for the details this's a perfect fall concoction. I also busted out my newest purchase-a plaid blanket scarf that will be on repeat about every day. I even took a nap with it on and it doesn't disappoint. 

P.S. When it's my time to go...someone please make sure I have a red cup in my hand. Puffy heart eye emoji LOVE this time of year.

My weekend rocked my socks. 
What did you do?


  1. I love that scarf!! Looks like a fabulous weekend!

  2. I love this post!! You are so cute in your costume. My apartment now also smells like a Bath & Body Works store haha. I even brought one wallflower to work so it smells really good at my desk LOL.

    I also went to Starbucks but I didn't take any pics. Seems like we did the similar fall thing, watch movies and eat cookies. Love your scarf! I've been wanting a plaid scarf for awhile now.

    Thanks for linkin' up! :)

  3. Awe thanks Bella! I had a blast at work. Looks like we share some same interests...thank you so much for reading! XO!

  4. Thank you so much Julia. I am obsessed with it. Thank you for reading! :)