November 12, 2014

Song of the Week Wednesday

When Helene shared her new Song of the Week Wednesday link-up last week I was immediately smiling. I LOVE music and checking out new songs from different genres.

This past weekend we had one of our family date nights that included dinner and a movie, which are some of our favorite Friday activities. Ethan had been wanting to see Big Hero 6 and Chuck and I were up for it.

All three of us absolutely loved the movie, which is rare for a younger tone. The last time this happened was when we saw The Lego Movie. The story line was great, things didn't move too slow, and the 3-D didn't make us sick...SCORE!

I have always enjoyed music from Fall Out Boy, so when Ethan began playing "Immortals' from Big Hero 6 on repeat the minute we left the movie theatre I didn't mind so much. He has still been jamming out to it from Spotify on his phone and informed me he will know all the words real soon. He's got big dreams....I like it.

This week's song, without any other stories from me....

Link up your song with Helene-
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What's your latest favorite song? 

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  1. We haven't seen that movie yet, but it looks so cute! Looking forward to seeing it soon!