November 17, 2014

Monday Funday// 100th Post!!

It's monday again...that means it's time for the infamous weekend recap. Basically, an excuse to not have any orginal post in mind because..well, it's Monday.

Want to know something awesome's my 100th post!! WOO HOOO- celebrate good times, COME ON!
Bella And The City

Friday night I was a complete hyporicite to my post last week. In this post I asked why Christmas comes earlier each year. I have always LOVED Christmas... who doesn't? But, I also enjoy Thanksgiving and even more so the past few years since we host dinner for our families. Chuck's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and we do not decorate until at least the day after turkey.

Well....this week we woke up to about a foot of snow in Erie. I was all Miss Grinch that morning as I was almost late to work, didn't have a snowbrush handy and used my coat as a snow brush, and sat in traffic for 45 minutes on my normal 7 minute commute home. Once I was home and settled in the house and watched the snow fall I looked around my living room and the sight of leaves was irritating me.

We all know what happened next....the fall decor came DOWN. This weekend I put up almost all of our Christmas decorations and am loving it. I hypocrite, but the lights, the trees, the ornaments are all making me SO HAPPY. Chuck wasn't thrilled, but since he loves me, he let me do it. I call it a win.

Saturday night Chuck and I planned to go to Mad Mex which just opened this week, but learned there was over an hour wait for just the two of us and opted out of that one. I love margarita's, but not that much. We saw Dumb and Dumber To, but not until we played a few rounds of basketball in the arcade. Ever since our first date we play every time we are at the theatre, it's kind of our thing and we love competing against one another. Chuck dominated me three games in a row. That was NOT a win in m book.

I was pretty lazy all day Sunday. Work has me completely exhausted and I had some errands to run, but put them off. There's always another day. I took a nap and watched the Sex and the City movie...which never gets old. It was a good day.

Sadly, I have no pictures to document any of the above...but will have some exciting ones up this week since we got our ENGAGEMENT PICTURES back! I keep looking at them over and over...I love how they turned out and can't wait to share them.

Until about a GIVEAWAY?


Like I mentioned, it's snowing in Erie...and maybe Texas too! As we brace for the Bomb Cyclone (this year's Polar Vortex), some of my blogging buddies came together to cozy you up with a Kate Spade Cozy Giveaway. It includes the cutest Kate Spade earrings, some Kate Spade socks with some fab polka dots, and a $10 Starbucks gift card to warm you up as you cuddle up wherever you are. I am obsessed with Kate & all her goodies, and her accessories NEVER disappoint. I am already jealous of whoever wins this giveaway.

Good Luck to everyone who enters and THANK YOU for your constant support of my blog. XO!

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  1. The Sequin NotebookNovember 17, 2014 at 8:23 AM

    Congrats on this exciting milestone! Loving this giveaway...fingers crossed :)

  2. I love everything Kate Spade, I like to stay cozy under a big blanket, candles burning, and a good movie on tv :) I almost put my decorations up too but my husband put his foot down on that haha

  3. Hot chocolate is always the answer to keeping cozy!

  4. Sounds like perfection! XO! Thanks for reading and entering!

  5. With extra marshmallows ;) XO! Thank you for reading. Good luck!

  6. Kate is amazing. Candles, blankets and tree lights make me SO happy this time of year. Thank you for reading Lindsay!

  7. Thank you so much ladies! XO! good luck to you!