October 2, 2014

October Goals

Seriously, October already?! People didn't lie when I was little when they told me that time flies the older you get. Yikes!

You may or may not remember my September goals that I talked about here.

Let's review my month and see how I ended up.

1. Write some blog posts I have been throwing around ideas about.
-I usually have a list going of things that pop in to my mind and it's been a while since I wrote about any one of those things. 

2. Find a gym I like and develop a new routine with my new work schedule.
-I have been debating hiring a personal trainer for at least a month to help me get on track. Before that happens, I need to find a gym I want to join.

3. Stay up to date with my fellow blog friends and their posts. 
-Before I had my own blog I read about 15 blogs nightly on average. I can't tell you the last time I read more than 5 in a day. 

4. Make more time for my friends. 
-Life is always crazy, but I need to pick up the phone more and talk to my friends that aren't close by. I know that my friends are always there and we constantly pick up where we left off, but I want to be a better friend.

5. Do something new and different for a family date and include my niece and nephew. 
-I think it would be fun to try a museum, or a bounce place...something that we don't usually do one day this month.

6. Find a wedding photographer. 
-As of THIS month we are one year out from the big day (aka Best Day Ever) and NEED to find someone we both love to take our pictures.

Sadly #2 and #5 didn't happen.
I hate to say it, because it's hard to admit but my weight is something I struggle with every day. I feel pretty much out of control so I am going to try an Advocare cleanse to jumpstart and get on track. I have read about everything from Beachbody to Weight Watchers and in between and believe that Advocare is going to be the best for me. I don't know how people do these crazy fad diets like Omni that are NOT good for your body. I want to train my body to get back on track and stay healthy.

Schedules are a difficult thing to arrange and I am bummed we didn't get to try out a new family date day, but there's always this month. We did get some quality time in with our niece and nephew this past weekend which was awesome.

Now for October Goals:

1. Start an Advocare cleanse and work on my fitness.

2. Write down my goals in my planner so that they are in front of my face every day.

3. Finish all the fun things on the Fall Bucket List.

4. Research and hopefully find a DJ for the wedding. Once all these big vendors are chosen I will feel very relieved.

5. Update my Blog Spreadsheet with analytics, sponsorships I've done, helps me get an overall view of where my time and money is going and what I can do to improve or do differently in the future. It is VERY time consuming and I slacked last month.

Not a very exciting goal list, but I don't think they are always meant to be that way.

What are your monthly goals?

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  1. I love the idea of doing a blog spreadsheet. I really need to do that.

    1. It helps me personally see where my money is being spent and made and other useful things. It's a tedious task but is worth it!

  2. are you linking up your monthly goals to the link up?