October 22, 2014

My Favorite Editing App

Have I mentioned lately how much I am loving Helene and Taylor's #Blogtober14?! If not...let me say it agan, I LOVE having fresh ideas to write about that I probably may not have thought of.

I love taking pictures, especially on my phone. Chuck and Ethan both contsantly ask, "Do we need to take another picture?" The answer is always yes. Memories. We need them.

I have a few editing apps that I use for pictures. I constantly try new ones and then test them out to see if they are worth me keeping on my phone. I encourage you to do the same because it is always fun to try something new and see if it works for you.

Cost: .99

This app allows you to make collages, add text to your collage, add filters to the pictures in the collage and even change the border color for your collage.
There are tons of varieties of collage layouts to choose from which is nice if you like to play around with that sort of thing. You can immediately upload it to your social sharing apps or save it to your camera roll.
The picture below is a simple edit allowing me to create a layout showing 2 pictures in 1 frame.

LOVING the Smith & Cult nail polish line! This is the color I chose for my latest pedi.

Cost: FREE

I don't use Shutterfly to edit pictures, but I thought it was worth you knowing about their mobile app.
I have an online shutterfly account that I use to store my pictures. It's a great site to back up all my pictures which is the main reason I have the app on my phone. I upload pictures that I want from my phone right to my online account within a few minutes. The other amazing thing that I love about Shutterfly's mobile app is their weekly special offers. They are often FREE and you only pay shipping. I have a few magnets, a mouse pad, and a coffee mug from using these offers. Good stuff!

Social Light
Cost: FREE

I recently downloades this app, it's a newer one to the App Store. I love the variety of filters since I sometimes feel like I am always using the same Instagram ones. I like variety and can't argue with a free app that rocks.

Cost: $1.99

If you're in to hearts, stars, dots, lights, colors, borders and those sorts of things...this is the app for you. You can layer edits in the app. For example, in the picture below I added hearts and then a photo filter on top if it. There are SO many options and I could play around doing fun things with my pictures forever. In my opinion, this one is a must have. There are simple edits you can make with touches of light in your picture all the way to adding hearts like I did. It's definitely a fun app!

Our little man looking adorable at his first NFL football game this past week!

What are your favorites? PS! Follow along my IG fun (@dreambigemelia)

I love to learn and know about any apps I may not have!

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  1. I've always seen the hearts and always wondered how they put it there! haha I guess I'm just used to only using the basic instagram ones.. Really leaning towards buying that one :)