October 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Boo

Today is Chuck's birthday. There's no denying that I love him. Sorry, not sorry. In honor of Chuck's birthday I have compiled a list of some of my favorite things about him.

Let's get this ((birthday)) party started.

1. He writes lunch notes for Ethan that are off the wall. He's the coolest dad ever.

2.  He's so serious. As serious as it gets when it comes to playing pretend Weather Reporter at the Science Center. Weather reporters twerk, right!??!

3.  He loves Mean Girls. And he has awesome art skills. Hence, the sign he made for #Buctober Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball playoffs. 

4. Chuck is always ready to take a selfie with me. He may not always pose correctly, but hey...either do I. 

5.  He loves to travel and experience new things. Chuck is always down for an adventure!

6. He's the most loyal friend and best hand holder.

In all seriousness, Chuck is that kind of guy that you want to be your friend. He is funny without trying, is a sense of reason when you need it most, and would do anything for anyone at a moment's notice. I have said it before and I'll say it again...I am truly lucky to have him by my side. 

I never knew I was looking for someone like Chuck, but he came in to my life when I needed it most. Now I can't imagine what it would be without him.  I could live forever just off his laugh, energy, and his love for me.

Happy Birthday you old man! I love you Pants!