October 27, 2014

Currently//The Monday Edition


Thinking: Is it really already time to go to bed and get ready for another work week?
I'm rotating my days off this week so I am paying for it now with a one day weekend. Let's just say I'm anxious for Friday.

Feeling: Exhausted. We had a busy weekend. It was always, but I truly feel like I'm running on Empty.

Looking Forward To: Next Monday. We are getting our engagement pictures taken. I can't even wait to see the result of all the beautiful fall colors we will be surrounded in.

Eating: Cold Pizza. I used to be grossed out by it. Not anymore I guess...

Looking at: my iPhone5S. I couldn't deal with the iPhone6. Too big. I love the size of the 5. Perfect in every heart eyed emoji way. Glad to have you back my little friend.

Listening to: Black Widow. I could hit repeat on this baby all dayyyyy longggg.

Thankful for: A fun roadtrip this past weekend. Chuck & I went with some friends to Halloweekends at Cedar Point. I LOVE roller coasters ESPECIALLY at night. We scored a bunch of front of the line passes so we didn't have to wait once. We had a blast riding everything, especially the newest coaster, GateKeeper.

Planning: Ethan's 11th Birthday Party! Holy cow...11 years old. This means it's pretty much Christmas. I know this because Ethan's birthday is one week before. It will be here any day now. Get ready!

Wanting: These Converse "Shoreline" cuties

What are you currently up to friends?


  1. Want those shoes. Uh and also, COLD PIZZA is where it is at!! Fall engagement pictures are always some of my favorite ones! The colors just can't be beat!! Can't wait to see yours!

  2. soooo jealous that you got to go to cedar point!! that is my favorite place rollercoaster wise ever!! i need to go back!

  3. ugh @ switching your off days! When I worked retail they would constantly switching my days off and it was torture. Some weeks I would have off Sunday & Monday and then the following week I'd have off Friday & Saturday so I would have to work the dreaded 10 days in a row. Hate, hate, hate it.