September 17, 2014

Organizing the Child Chaos

I know all my readers are not moms, but this type of thing could probably fit a variety of people's lifestyles. I'm talking about organizing the chaos of a home. Our home includes a child and it seems as they get older things get crazier.

I don't mean that we are legitimately out of our minds...sometimes we are, but there is SO much that goes on in a day that it's difficult to sometimes stay organized.
Overall I am a very clean, organized and OCD type person. Not everyone is like me, and that's fine, but it's about finding a way to all be on the same page.

For example, a typical evening in our house includes doing homework with Ethan and reviewing papers he brings home. He has played soccer and been a part of the school bowling league for a few years now. This year several new activities have begun for our little guy and I'm already feeling a bit anxious about it all. 

He has joined the Safety Patrol which is done on school hours (yay), has bowling league on Friday's after school, is joining the orchestra and learning to play the violin, and now wants to play indoor soccer late this fall in to winter. While I am extremely proud of all the new things he wants to try and learn, I am nervous about keeping on track. 

There are smart phones, google calendars and all sorts of technology but when it comes to being 10 I think we need a visual system. I have found a few ideas on Pinterest that look interesting and may work. 
Ethan now has a desk in his room that is going to be dedicated to his homework so I'm wondering if that's the easiest place to house the organization system. 
While I'm on the topic...does anyone have any recommendations on any desk chairs? I want something decent that will hold up and be comfortable. I also don't want to spend $150 on one. Thanks for any advice you can offer in that area!

For personal organization I use this planner to keep on top of things. I like to use my phone for some things but this planner really helps lay it all out so I can see what I have to do each day. It also is very helpful when it comes to things for the blog.

My new goal for the next few weeks is to find a way that works best for all three of us to keep up with our little guy's schedule. 

While we work out the you have any helpful ideas, pins, or things that have worked to organize the chaos in your home?

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  1. Replies
    1. It's quite the chore, but I hope we master it soon! :) Thanks for reading love!

  2. I have no advice because I don't have kids, but I don't know how you manage another little person's life. I can barely keep afloat with me and my dog.

    1.'s something that has become second nature. I DO remember the first time I ever got myself and Ethan ready together in the morning. I was straightening my hair in the bathroom and kept thinking..."I feel like I am forgetting something"...OHHHHH YEAAAAA the other human I have to wake up, get dressed, pack a lunch for, etc...hahahahha

  3. ^^ What Jackie said. I barely am able to keep up with my own appointments along with my dog's.

    1. haha :) It's all about planning. Most days I feel like I am running on empty...but wouldn't change it for the world :)

  4. I have no children yet so I wouldn't be the best at giving you advice on this topic. Hang in there! It will work itself out.

    1. Awe thank you! You're too sweet. Thanks for reading and the encouragement. We will figure it all out :)